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Elden Ring Abandoned Cave guide

Oh yeah, more Scarlet Rot

Updated: Mar 8, 2022 6:22 pm
Abandoned Cave Featured

You’d think that exploring one of Elden Ring‘s most high-intensity locations, Caelid, would give you a reprieve from incredibly dangerous dungeons, but apparently, that’s just not the case at all. If anything, the dungeons in Caelid are some of the hardest that you’ll have to deal with in the entire game. The Abandoned Cave is a dungeon with one of the best rewards in the game, but it’s also incredibly hard to find, and even harder to survive. Luckily, we’ve got this guide that should make the experience survivable, barely.

How to find the Abandoned Cave

Abandoned Cave Map

This one is a bit tricky but will seem simple once you know what you’re doing. From the Smoldering Wall point of grace, head east until you come to a ravine. At the southern edge of the area, you should find a tree that you can climb onto which will help you to get across the ravine and into the dungeon on the other side. Bear in mind, the tree you can climb on is hidden right at the bottom of the area, so don’t try running and jumping across on shadow unless you’re feeling particularly suicidal that day. Once you’ve found it, head inside and activate the point of grace to start the real fun.

Abandoned Cave walkthrough

Abandoned Cave So Much Poison

Before you actually tackle the dungeon you should have as many Preserving Boluses and Immunizing White Meat items as you can get. When you’re ready, walk ahead and drop down the cliff to land in a deep pool of Scarlet Rot juice. You can’t even run, so just slowly and painfully make your way to the broken-down abductor in front of you to get some respite from the rot. Once you’re back to normal, head down the western passage first to activate the summon pool. Move into the next room, and you can snipe the enemy waiting for you in the muck below.

Take it out with a bow before jumping down, because you really can’t afford to be caught rolling in the red stuff or you’re gonna have a bad day. Take a running leap onto the loot below because those steam geysers cause immense damage the longer you’re in them. Move as quickly as possible into the tunnel that the enemy was guarding to stop Scarlet Rot from building up. As you enter the next dark tunnel, keep locking on and taking out rats as you go, to prevent them from ganging up on you.

Flower power

Abandoned Cave Plant

As you approach the next room, you should be able to see another giant flower ahead. Without stepping into the room, take it out from a distance with magic or arrows, just make sure to step back into the tunnel a bit more whenever it stretches its neck out, as this indicated it’s charging that sky laser attack it does. Once it’s dead, run into the room and immediately head up the slope to your right. There are two poison wizards here who will be a nuisance if you don’t take them out straight away. Once they’re down, grab the loot and then go down and finish off the little plants that have spawned.

Once all the enemies are dead, jump up the broken Abductor on the west side of the chamber to grab the item up there. Then you can go back up the slope and head down the tunnel behind those enemies you killed earlier. This should lead you to the golden fog door and the dreaded boss that is waiting for you. These guys deal Scarlet Rot damage (shockingly) so hopefully, you’ve got some of those Boluses left. Either way, the reward will be worth the slog.

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