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Elden Ring Altus Plateau Dungeon locations

Find all of the dungeons in the Altus Plateau

Updated: Mar 10, 2022 8:04 am
Altus Plateau Dungeon Locations Featured

If you’ve been trying to see everything that Elden Ring has to offer, then you’ve probably spent a fair bit of your time in dungeons. From caves to catacombs, this game loves dungeons and is seemingly stacked full to bursting. If you’re trying to clear every dungeon in the game, then this Altus Plateau Dungeon Locations list will help you to get it done without suffering an aneurysm.

Altus Plateau Dungeon locations

Altus Plateau Dungeon Locations Map

Unlike most regions, the Dungeons in the Altus Plateau are pretty evenly spread throughout the region. The ‘Grave’ style of dungeons becomes much more common in this region which makes sense since those dungeons are typically much trickier than others, and this is getting into the harder parts of the game. Another particularly interesting note here is that the Altus Tunnel and Perfumer’s Grotto are technically connected, which is unique in the game so far.

Old Altus Tunnel

This is probably one of the more precarious tunnels in the game, living up to the ‘old’ part of the title. You’ll be able to find some pretty high-tier upgrade materials dotted around the place. The boss is also shockingly easy, if you’re a high-damage character, and will give you a decent weapon for killing it.

Altus Tunnel

A pretty short dungeon that is tightly packed with upgrade materials, miners, and those clockwork imps. The boss in the Altus Tunnel here is worth taking down for their drop, but it’s another double boss so there’s no shame in summoning some help to take it down.

Sainted Hero’s Grave

The biggest difficulty you’ll find here is actually getting into the dungeon. You have to survive siege weapons, and a boss fight, before you can get inside, and once you do make it, you’ll be faced with a weird shadow/light puzzle that affects combat, but results in a pretty unique experience.

Perfumer’s Grotto

Tucked away at the top of the stairs on the way into the walls of the capital is the Perfumer’s Grotto – a dungeon you should probably visit before entering the Altus Tunnel just to make things easier on yourself. The dungeon itself is pretty short, but it has one of the most interesting boss fights in the area.

Sealed Tunnel

Even if you don’t want to complete this tunnel properly, you should certainly run into here to grab the Bell-Bearing that lets you buy Smithing Stones. The rest of the dungeon is relatively typical ‘tunnel’ style, with lots of miners and upgrade materials.

Auriza Side Tomb

While this is nowhere near as dangerous as the main grave dungeon, it’s very tricky indeed, filled with secret walls and transporter traps that you have to use to find your way around the place. The boss is pretty standard, but the rest of the dungeon ensures you’ll have a memorable adventure.

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