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Elden Ring: Church of Dragon Communion guide

Exchange Dragon Hearts for fabulous prizes!

Updated: Mar 17, 2022 2:09 pm
Elden Ring: Church of Dragon Communion guide

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Dragons are rare and deadly beasts, this is as true in Elden Ring as most any fantasy game. Chances are, you might already have felled your first dragon and received a Dragon Heart as a reward. But what to do with the heart? These precious items can be used to unlock powerful unique incantations in Elden Ring. In order to do so, you must first find a Church of Dragon Communion. We’ll walk you through how to find the first church – and how to spend your Dragon Hearts – with our Elden Ring guide.

Elden Ring: How to find the Church of Dragon Communion

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Thankfully, the Church can be reached incredibly early in your journey through Elden Ring. All you really need to get there is a torch and a willingness to go spelunking.

Before anything else, if you do not have a torch, lantern, or similar source of light, be sure to purchase one from Merchant Kale in the Church of Elleh. Kale is relatively close to the Church of Dragon Communion, so he is a convenient place to start.

Once you have acquired the torch, head down to the beach near The First Step. From there, head along the cliff until you find the Coastal Cave. The cave is located very close to where the Nomadic Merchant has set up shop.

The cave is one of the simplest ‘dungeons’ in Elden Ring if it can be called that. Even if you head here right after starting the game, you should have little trouble clearing out the infestation of Demi-Humans. The only thing that might give you a little trouble is the duo boss fight against two Demi-Human Chiefs. Thankfully, there is a gold summon sign outside the boss area that you can use to keep the Chiefs’ attention long enough to whittle them down.

Once the Chiefs fall, be sure not to use the available point to warp back to the start of the dungeon, unless you have no healing resources remaining and really want to keep your Runes. Instead, there is another tunnel further beyond the boss room. Follow the tunnel through and upwards, dealing with smaller Demi-Humans along the way. Soon enough, you will find your way to the outside again.

Church of Dragon Communion: The Faraway Island

Exiting the tunnel, you will find yourself on the island across from the Coastal Cave, which was inaccessible from aboveground. Head up the grassy hill to find some ruins; this is the Church of Dragon Communion.

Be sure to unlock the nearby Site of Grace, as it will make return trips to the Church much easier.

Head inside the ruins near to the Site of Grace, and you will find a flaming altar before the stone body of a dragon. Interacting with the flame will allow you to exchange your dragon hearts for dragon-related incantations!

Be sure to interact with the flame at night, it has been reported by some players that nothing will happen when approaching during the day.

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