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Elden Ring Bandit class – items, weapons & everything you need to know

An in-depth look at Elden Ring's Bandit class, pros, and cons, starting items and everything you might need to know.

Updated: Feb 25, 2022 9:08 am
Elden Ring Bandit class – items, weapons & everything you need to know

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If you tend to play all your other games with an air of stealth, sneaking around and throat-slitting, or picking off enemies from afar then the bandit is the class for you, just be prepared to have to build out some of its weaker areas before you will become fully proficient in all combat scenarios.

Creeping around as a Bandit brings a totally different feel to Elden Ring – so much of the game is full-on brawling battles or powerful flurries of magic the bandit class encourages you to creep around the outskirts of such goings-on and deal your death in a different manner.

A solid run of average stats provides a half-decent platform to jump this build off in a multitude of directions, but decent Dexterity and a useful Arcane starting stat offer great potential for a deadly character.

Let’s now take a closer look at all the Bandit’s baseline stats and starting equipment to arm you with as much knowledge as possible for the journey ahead.

Elden Ring Bandit Stats

eldenring bandit
Level 5
Faith 8
Elden Ring Bandit stats

Elden Ring Bandit Starting Equipment

  • Knife
  • Shortbow
  • Buckler
  • Bone Arrow

Elden Ring Bandit Starting Items

  • Choice of keepsake
  • Vision of Grace

Elden Ring Bandit Starting Magic

  • None

Elden Ring Bandit Info

  • The Bandit class is perfect if you like creeping around picking off enemies.
  • It’s not wise to get involved in full-frontal confrontations with a Bandit as the baseline stats will make it difficult to survive some of the tougher battles.
  • Playing as a Bandit gives you the option of playing a totally different type of Elden Ring game
  • Decent Arcane makes a magic build an half-decent option as a secondary strength

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