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Elden Ring Prophet class – items, weapons & everything you need to know

An in-depth look at Elden Ring's Prophet class, pros and cons, starting items and everything you might need to know.

Updated: Feb 25, 2022 9:18 am
Elden Ring Prophet class – items, weapons & everything you need to know

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If melee-based tank characters are not for you, and regardless of the character’s dexterity, you don’t really trust your own, never mind theirs, the Prophet class could be a grand starting point. With solid stats, this warrior-monk style of class can be built up to a formidable opponent for most of the enemies within Elden Ring. Great at keeping pretty much everything beyond arm’s length, the Prophet is one for those who prefer a slightly more considered fighting style.

Don’t be deceived by the Prophet as while the class may look on the weaker side it is backed up by decent starting magic stats coupled with good strength, meaning it is a highly capable warrior – at least in short bursts. The starting weapon, the Spear can cause some decent damage too so we would suggest this as a decent starting build if you are the kind of player who doesn’t necessarily way to charge in without thinking, but would rather engage in battles that are a bit more chess-like.

Elden Ring Prophet Stats


elden ring prophet
Elden Ring Prophet Stats

Elden Ring Prophet Starting Equipment

  • Spear
  • Clawmark Seal
  • Prophet blindfold
  • Prophet robe
  • Propget trousers
  • Rickety shield

Elden Ring Prophet Starting Items

  • Choice of keepsake
  • Vision of Grace

Elden Ring Prophet Starting Magic

  • Beast Claw
  • Heal

Elden Ring Prophet Info

  • Starts at level 7
  • Only class to begin with a Finger Seal
  • Has high Faith stat from the off

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