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Elden Ring Dragonbarrow Merchant Guide

Need some shopping in Dragonbarrow? This guide will help.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022 11:18 am
Dragonbarrow Merchant Featured

Dragonbarrow is one scary place, mostly because the dragons aren’t as dead as the name might imply. Still, if you’ve come this far, you’re probably going to need to get yourself some more supplies before you think about tackling any of the giant, breath-weapon-wielding monsters that inhabit this land. Our Elden Ring Dragonbarrow Merchant guide will tell you exactly how to come across this particular merchant and what he’s willing to sell you.

Elden Ring Congenial Nomadic Merchant (Dragonbarrow Hut)

Dragonbarrow Merchant Image

Where to find the Congenial Nomadic Merchant in Elden Ring

Like many late-game merchants, this one is near a point of grace, however, he is also surrounded by powerful monsters, so getting to him in the first place will be a struggle. From the entrance to the area, you’re going to need to follow the path all the way around until you’re on the east side of the swamp. From there, ride into the swamp on your horse but don’t go too far. Head north from there to bypass the weird town filled with enemies, and you should come across a river well and a nearby point of grace. From here, head north up the ravine and then follow the main road around to the left until you hit a hut where the merchant is waiting. Be sure to hit the point of grace so you don’t have to walk back again.

Dragonbarrow Merchant Map

What does the Congenial Nomadic Merchant sell?

As you might expect, you can get some pretty niche items from this guy. Firstly, he’s selling an infinite number of Serpent Arrows, which deal huge poison damage, a must-have for bow enthusiasts. You can also get the Land of Reeds set if you didn’t start out as a samurai, and there are even 3 sacrificial twigs if you feel like you’re about to go down but down want to yet. Don’t forget to pick up the ritual pot to help with your crafting limits, as well as that Dragonwound Grease if you’re struggling with any of the dragons in the game.

Item NameAmountCost
Dragonwound Grease23000
Gravel Stone102000
Ritual Pot13000
Lost Ashes of War25000
Spiked Caestus 14000
Serpent Arrow*120
Beast-Repellent Torch11200
Land of Reeds Helm11000
Land of Reeds Armor11500
Land of Reeds Gauntlets11000
Land of Reeds Greaves11000
Sacrificial Twig33000
Note: Gateway11200
Note: Hidden Cave11200

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