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Elden Ring Earthbore Cave guide

Updated: Mar 11, 2022 2:28 pm
Elden Ring Earthbore Cave guide

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Welcome to the drizzly land of the Weeping Peninsula, the closest thing in Elden Ring to the UK. This rain-sodden country is stacked with enemies, puzzles, and secrets for you to discover, and some of those secrets include some relatively well-hidden dungeons for you to explore. The Earthbore Cave is one such dungeon, hidden beneath a pretty precarious cliff and only feet away from an early death by drowning. Luckily, we’re here with our dungeon guide to help you survive this particular hazard.

How to find Earthbore Cave

Earthbore Cave Map

If you’ve already got the Ailing Village Outskirts site of grace, you can warp there, drop down on the west side of the cliff, then follow the road east until you hit the pond on the side of the road. If you don’t have that site of grace, enter the land from the bridge of sacrifice and follow the road until you can turn and double back. Follow that road for a bit and you should come to the aforementioned pond. In both cases, head north from the bond, then hug the cliff over the river and follow it down to find the entrance to the cave waiting for you.

Earthbore Cave walkthrough

Earthbore Cave Trap

From the point of grace, head forward but don’t run straight for the chest. There’s a bit of the floor near the chest that will break away if you walk over it. Instead, hug the wall of the cavern to the right to avoid falling down into the next part of the cave prematurely. Open the chest, then head down the passage instead of through the hole. Turn on a light source, or you’re going to stumble headfirst into a rat on your way through the tunnel. Take it out, then carefully approach the next room. From here, you can’t see it, but there’s a giant rat in there.

If you lock on to the nearest rat, then cycle through your targets, you can probably find the rat with a target indicator much higher than the rest. Take that out first from a distance, then feel free to wade in on the rest of them. Once the room is clear loot everything you can and move into the next chamber to take on two more rats. Once they’re dead, you’ll need to carefully drop down from the ledge ahead of you. If you do it just right, you can avoid all damage to your character. Ahead of you is the golden boss fog.

Runebear boss guide

Earthbore Cave Steamroller

Inside you’ll find one of those huge bears from the Mistwood. These things have relatively high health, and can deal high damage, especially if you’re early on in the game. Ranged isn’t really an option here. Even if you summon something to distract the boss, the chances are that it’ll take notice of you when you start firing and run straight for you. At the very least, you’ll need a summon that deals ScarletRot and then learn how to dodge all of the boss’s attacks.

The best bet is to deal as much damage as possible, summon something to draw aggro, and try to take it out before it can get you. It’s pointless trying to get too much distance because this thing will just run you down. Make sure you’re wearing decent armor with physical protection in mind, and then just watch your dodges and swing when you can. It shouldn’t take too many tries to beat, which is good since there’s no respawn point outside the boss gate.

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