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How to Get to Liurnia without fighting a boss in Elden Ring

If you just need to get your hands on some late-game items without fighting a boss, we've got you covered.

Updated: Feb 26, 2022 7:40 pm
How to Get to Liurnia without fighting a boss in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has already proved itself to be one hell of a tough game. Much like previous games from FromSoftware, there can be huge benefits to getting to late-game areas quickly to grab the best items and buffs. If you’re running up against Margit and Godrick like a brick wall, it might be helpful to skip ahead a bit and grab some awesome gear and spells first. This guide will tell you exactly how to get to Liurnia without fighting a boss in Elden Ring.

Getting to Liurnia without fighting a boss

Elden Ring Skip to Lakes archway

The first thing you’re going to need to do is head towards the first non-optional boss of the game, Margit. On your way toward him, you’ll come across the Stormhill Shack point of grace which is where we’ll start our journey to Liurnia. From the shack, keep following the road north, but don’t follow it as it bends to the left. Leave the path and head under the giant bridge arch ahead of you. From here, you should end up seeing a bridge in the distance to your left.

Go up to the bridge and speak to the palm reader if you like, but either way, follow the bridge to the end. If you look just off the bridge to the left you should see a ledge you can jump down. Follow this jumping puzzle down and you’ll end up on a narrow cliff path. You can ride your horse or you can walk, but follow it all the way around and you’ll end up in Liurnia without having to face a single boss. Just watch out for the wolves on the way in and you’ll be all good.

Things to do once you get there

Elden Ring Skip to Lakes Point of Grace

Now that you’re here, there are several different important things you can think about doing. For one, you should follow the cliffs to the right along so you can find the Church of Vows. This place is great for learning both spells and incantations and also has the best NPC in the game. There’s also a merchant just down the nearby slope from the first point of grace in the region that’ll sell you some pretty decent gear. In general, you’ll have to rely on your steed’s ability to drive you right past all the danger, as you’re likely to be far too low of a level to handle most enemies around here. Good luck.

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