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How to save your game in Elden Ring

You can't choose when to save you game, what do you think this is? Easy? But how do you know when things have been saved?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022 9:27 pm
Elden Ring Invasions

Right, so you have lost track of how many times you have died in Elden Ring, and you aren’t even past the intro yet! Welcome to the world of Souls-like games.

Once you had enough of death and decided it’s time to have a well-earned beer and it’s time to quit back to desktop you want to be sure your progress – or, more likely, lack of it, has been saved so next time you go back in you can continue afresh.

How to save in Elden Ring

There is no manual save in Elden Ring. The game does save as you travel along but you don;t know when this is. There are no save slots for multiple playthroughs of the game with different characters or if you are looking to try out different strategies at certain points. The safest way to make sure however is to sit at a Site of Grace.

What is a Site of Grace in Elden Ring?

If you have worked your way through the rather brutal tutorial in Elden Ring you will have been introduced to the Sites of Grace mechanic. Basically, if you choose to rest at a Site of Grace you will be able to restart after death at said site – so about two minutes later then.

Make sure you rest at each Site of Grace you come across, but be aware, doing so pretty much guarantees all the foes you have faced so far will be reset too. So you will have to kill them all over again. Not so much a big deal in things like the tutorial, but later on it can be a bit tougher to chew.

Elden Ring Skip to Lakes Point of Grace

How to use a Site of Grace in Elden Ring

Simply walk up to it and access the Site of Grace and choose to Pass Time, this will save your progress and respawn all the enemies – everything comes at a price in Elden Ring you see. Then you can quit back to your desktop and have a browse of the internet until your blood pressure returns to normal.

Can you pause Elden Ring?

Nope. And bringing up any menu doesn’t pause the action either, so be extra careful not to get caught out if you are looming for a sneaking bathroom break.

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