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Elden Ring: How to two-hand guide

Strike a powerful blow with our Elden Ring two-handing guide

Updated: Feb 26, 2022 9:06 am
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There is no shortage of powerful, versatile weaponry in Elden Ring. And in keeping with the legacy of Bloodborne’s Trick Weapons, there are certain ways to modify how you use your weaponry. Two-handing is one of them, a classic that has persisted through many FromSoftware games past. We’ll walk you through how to two-hand in FromSoft’s latest, as well as some of its uses.

Elden Ring Two-handing uses

Elden Ring PvE Invasions

Wielding weapons with two hands can massively increase your damage output. It can allow you to carve out huge chunks of health bars. It can also be utilized to easily break an enemy’s poise. Switching between two-handing and powerful techniques like Guard Countering can make poise breaking an essential part of your Elden Ring strategy.

Two-handing can lead to your attacks being slower than when wielding weapons with a single hand. Rather than exclusively two-handing, it might be best to add these powerful attacks to your existing arsenal. Mixing them in with the regular barrage of light and strong attacks can lead to a versatile array of options that can leave foes staggering.

How to two-hand

In order to two-hand a weapon in Elden Ring, you must first press the Triangle button if you are a PS5 user, and Y if you are playing the game on an Xbox. Then, while holding Triangle/Y, hit the R1 or RB button. Congratulations! You will now be holding your weapon with two hands.

These are the initial button inputs for the console versions of the game. If you aren’t getting on with how activating two-handing feels by default, perhaps consider switching up your button inputs, until this powerful tool feels more accessible and easier to use for you. PC Users are also able to Keybind these features however they wish.

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