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Elden Ring: Morne Tunnel walkthrough guide

Delve into this early dungeon and acquire upgrade materials with our Elden Ring guide

Updated: Mar 5, 2022 8:54 am
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Morne Tunnel is one of Elden Ring’s optional dungeons. If you are in southern Limgrave, this is a very useful place to acquire upgrade materials early on. We’ll walk you through how to take down the dungeon and its boss with our Elden Ring guide.

Elden Ring: How to find Morne Tunnel

The Morne Tunnel dungeon is located in the south of Limgrave, to the east of the Minor Erdtree. At the south end of the nearby canyon, there will be a noticeable mine entrance, with a brazier burning nearby. Head inside to begin exploring Morne Tunnel.

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Exploring Morne Tunnel

Once inside, ride the lift down and use the site of grace. Misbegotten warriors are here on the wooden walkway with cleavers. At the end of the gantry is a single miner toiling away. Cross over a wooden support beam to the left and into a new room. Down some stairs – and past several harpy-esque beasts called Misbegotten – is a Golden Rune(2).

Turn around to find a wooden shack with several miners and an Exalted Flesh and Golden Rune(4). In a small offshoot cave to the right is a Large Glintstone Scrap.

Moving back into the prior room, down a further set of stairs are more mining enemies. There are several points around with Smithing Stones set into the walls. This is a good place to acquire upgrade materials in Elden Ring. If you claim the stones as the points the miners are working at, the miners will become enraged and attack you wildly. They each have huge stone pickaxes and hard, rocky skin. In the same area are Staining Bolases.

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Move through a narrow stone corridor to find a large room with more miners working the walls and Misbegotten clustering in the center of the room. Defeat the group of Misbegotten to claim an Ateria Leaf. To the left Is a small room with a corpse huddled by the fire and a Soft Cotton.

Move into a downwards slanting hallway and open a large wooden door. Beyond you will find the Scaly Misbegotten Boss.

How to defeat the Scaly Misbegotten

This boss will swing at you in wide sweeps with its long-handled axe. Its attacks are powerful and wide-ranging, but relatively slow with a long wing up, and easy to dodge once you learn the timing. Distract the Scaly Misbegotten with a summoned spirit and he’ll be easy prey.

Once defeated, the boss will drop the Rusted Anchor weapon and you will be finished with Morne Tunnel.

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