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Who is saying “Oi You There” in Elden Ring?

Who is that mysterious voice?

Updated: Jan 19, 2023 2:28 pm
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It would appear you’ve stumbled upon a faint voice repeating the line “Oi, you there!” in Elden Ring. If you’ve been exploring Limgrave in Elden Ring then you might have come across a mysterious voice calling out to you for help. It’s not super obvious where exactly the voice happens to be coming from, so what are you supposed to do about it?

We’ve put together this guide to help you figure out who is saying “Oi you there” in Elden Ring. Minor spoilers ahead, obviously.

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“Oi You There” in Elden Ring

Oi You There Elden Ring Hidden Tree Person

To get your hands on the mysterious voice you need to head to the Agheel Lake North point of grace and follow the road southeast. Just a little to the left of the road you should see a copse of trees. If you get close to them you’ll hear the mysterious voice calling to you. Shockingly, the voice is actually coming from one of the trees, the solitary yellow one we’ve pictured above. Find it and roll into it to reveal a character called Boc the Seamster. Exhaust his dialogue to get 10 mushrooms, and have him offer further services to you. To find out what he means, you’ll have to complete the questline.

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Boc the Seamster Questline

Oi You There Elden Ring Beaten and Broken

Boc’s questline is pretty simple to complete, fortunately. Head for the Coastal Cave dungeon on the beach at the very west of Limgrave. If you haven’t found it yet, just go to the beach and start moving down until you find a hole guarded by demi-humans. Inside by the point of grace, you’ll see Boc lying beaten on the ground. Exhaust his dialogue, then go and clear the dungeon if you haven’t already.

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Oi You There Elden Ring Final Moment

With your reward in hand, warp back to the point of grace and give the needle you found to Boc. You have no reason to keep it yourself and he tells you his backstory if you do give it back. Once you’ve exhausted his dialogue again, warp to the Lake-Facing point of grace in Liurnia and he’ll be standing nearby (don’t forget to rest at the point if he’s not there). Here he’ll detail his services which basically just consist of adjusting your clothing. It doesn’t seem to be any different from when you do it yourself, but still, it’s nice to know you’ve helped someone.

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Boc the Seamster backstory

Elden Ring Boc

So what is little Boc’s backstory? Well, as with most Elden Ring NPCs, it’s seeped with despair and sorrow.

Boc is a demi-human seamster from Limgrave. When Boc was born his mother was a seamstress, and the two very close until she passed away.

Boc always wanted to be like his mother and inherited her sowing kit. After her death, Boc lived with a demi-human tribe in a cave along Limgrave’s western coast.

He was then banished from the tribe and cast out, causing him to flee and hide, casting a spell which would turn him into a bush. That brings us up to where you first encounter him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Boc be revived?

All NPCs in Elden Ring can be revived in the Church of Vows.

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