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Elden Ring – All secrets we have found so far, hidden treasures and booty

Big game, many secrets - including some crackers right near the start

Updated: Feb 24, 2022 6:27 pm
Elden Ring – All secrets we have found so far, hidden treasures and booty

If there is one thing we know from talking to people behind the scenes at Elden Ring is that it is jam-packed full of things you are simply going to miss. Things that make the game simpler, items that directly affect what you can do with other items in the game, and we also know that some of these secrets look like they could be missed by the majority of players close to the beginning of the game.

Elden Ring Secrets

With that in mind then we have created this page which will contain only the juiciest of gossip about Elden Ring’s many secrets once the game launches on 25th February.

We will be listing information around locations, quests, weapons, and general Ring information that may make your life that bit easier in the game. Here are a few we have located so far.

How to Unlock lift to Altus Plains

You will need two pieces of the Dectus medallion (marked left and right). The pieces are found as follows:
Left piece – found in a chest at Fort Haight. The chest is accessed by climbing a ladder in the tallest tower of the fort.
Right piece – As yet unfound

Elden Ring Illusory Walls

There are many hidden walls in the game that hide the way to secret paths. While not glaringly obvious if you are stuck somewhere with nowhere to go, it is worth scouring the walls to see if you notice anything different about a section before trying to pass through it.

While we find more secrets, in the meantime, why not check out our Elden Ring guide to all the classes in the game. From there you will be able to examine each class in more detail as you try to decide what kind of character you will build when you start playing.

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