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Elden Ring Spiritcaller’s Cave guide

Master those stupid spirit summons

Updated: Mar 5, 2022 9:27 am
Spiritcallers Cave Featured

If you’ve arrived in the late-game areas of Elden Ring then you’re probably running your head into a brick wall trying to get your way through some of the dungeons in this part of the world. While the early-to-mid game dungeons might have been a handful, these late-game dungeons are ready to kick you around like a football. If you’re stuck in the Spiritcaller’s Cave, we can help you to make your way through as safely as possible.

How to Find Spiritcaller’s Cave

Spiritcallers Cave Map

Make sure you’ve got two Swordstone Keys before you start, you’ll need them. Now, we need to make our way to the Mountaintops of the Giants, one of the last areas you’ll unlock in the game. Once you’ve cleared the boss of Lyndell, you’ll need to head east out of the city through a set of double doors, and make your way up a lift to enter a misty area called the Forbidden Lands. Ride northeast and you’ll find a set of stairs. Be careful, as a powerful boss will spawn as you approach, but you can just ride past him on Shadow and enter the lift area to find a point of grace.

Now use the Talisman you got earlier to use the lift and you’ll end up in the mountaintops of the giants. Follow the only path forward, grabbing the map on the way, and activate the Zamor Ruins point of grace. Head southeast and follow the path as it loops back around. You’ll see a very thin and spindly path, so ignore the enemies and race along it. As you get around halfway, you should see a giant in the distance who readies a greatbow to knock you off the bridge. If that thing hits you, it’s game over. The safest bet is to duck onto the side path just to the right of the bridge and wait for the arrow to hit before jumping up and carrying on.

A Giant Headache

If you make it across, feel free to take out the giant. He doesn’t respawn and there aren’t loads of points of grace in this part of the world. After you’re done, head northeast until you hit a riverbed which you should follow to the east. At the end of the riverbed, climb up the ledge ahead of you, then immediately follow the ledge south, hugging the wall. You should easily see the fog gate for the dungeon from a distance. Put your two Swordstone Keys into the statue out front and then go on in and activate the point of glory.

Spiritcaller’s Cave Guide

Spiritcallers Cave Start

Turn on your lantern to light up the darkness and head into the narrow passage ahead of you. As the passage widens out, be careful. The section of floor directly in front of the passage will drop away and you’ll plunge into a tunnel with a snail and two wolves inside. If this happens, kill the snail to get rid of the wolves as well, then move onto the ‘Further into the Cave’ section ahead’.

Move into the next big passage. You should see a Spiritcaller Snail and a few summoned creatures below. If you have a ranged attack, you can snipe the snail from here, and when it’s dead, all of its summons go with it. If not, just down and quickly attack the snail to get rid of it and its friends. Next to where the snail was to find an Arteria Leaf, then keep moving forward down the passage. In the next chamber, make sure you take a detour to the right and grab a bunch of runes and a Rune Arc before you move on again.

Further Into Spiritcaller’s Cave

Spiritcallers Cave Invasion

As you enter the next section you can look down from the ledge your on to see an enemy being summoned below you. This invader hits hard and applies a heavy bleed effect, but they also move relatively slowly and have a nasty habit of trying to wind up their attacks for ages. If you’ve got a fast weapon or just a lot of reach then you should be fine. If you’re struggling, just jump from the ledge and attack the snail underneath it to despawn the invader. Grab the loot from the room and move forward.

IN this next section you’ll find lots of wolves, and two more invaders. Again, you can easily deal with this by running straight into the room and finding the two snails that are spawning everything. One is relatively obvious on the right-hand side, the other is on the left side but is slightly obscured by the bushed. Either way, with those two enemies down, the rest of the spirits leave as well. Make sure you get the White Reed set, as it’s pretty cool-looking and this is the only place to get it. There’s also plenty of other loot to pick up here as well, so grab that too, then run into the next chamber and you’ll be presented with a golden fog wall. Get ready for a pretty tough boss fight.

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