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Elden Ring Tibia Mariner guide

Boney boatman can beat you badly.

Updated: Mar 11, 2022 2:23 pm
Tibia Mariner Guide Featured

As you explore the world of Elden Ring, you’ll occasionally come across various strange skeletons who are punting around shallow ponds. They also keep summoning more of those skeletons that are constantly resurrecting themselves which makes them potentially formidable foes. However, if you want to curry favor with the Beast Clergyman and gain some of those sweet spells he gives you. That’s why we provide you with this Elden Ring Tibia Mariner Guide

Tibia Mariner locations

Tibia Mariner Guide Full Map LOcations 1

There are around three different Tibia Mariners in various locations of the overworld. They’re all field bosses, as far as we can tell, but they do get progressively harder the further into the game you get. At first, you shouldn’t struggle with them too much, but make sure that you’re leveling up yourself and your weapons consistently or you’re going to have a bad time. The list of Mariners is as follows:

  • Summonwater Village – East Limgrave
  • South of Artists Shack – East Liurnia
  • Wyndham Ruins – Southern Mt. Gelmir

Fighting a Tibia Mariner

Tibia Mariner Guide Attacks

The first two mariners, in Limgrave and Lirunia, are both comparable in strength and should be pretty simple to take down. Whether you’re using a melee weapon or magic, you’ll employ the same hit-and-run tactics. Get on Shadow and approach the mariners. They’ll start summoning skeletons to attack you, but they move incredibly slowly and shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. Keep riding past the Mariner and swinging your weapon or blasting it with spells. It only has a few attacks and mostly they’re nothing to worry about.

If the mariner is leaning to one side, move away for a second and it’ll spray an arc of water out. If it lifts its horn it’ll do one of two things depending on the color. If it’s glowing red, it’ll summon skeletons, if it’s glowing black, it’ll shoot out orbs like Rancorcall to chase you down. Both of these can be interrupted with a heavy weapon if you hit the mariner enough during the charge. The final two attacks include an AOE where the Mariner raises its hand and water starts to lift the boat and another where it lifts the boat up and slams it down. When either of these happens, move away from the boat and you’ll be fine.

Wyndham Ruins Tibia Mariner

Tibia Mariner Guide Hard Mode

First things first, run right past the mariner to the back of the area and go into the catacombs. Depending on how early you’re doing this, you’ll have to make several runs, and this is the closest point of grace by far. That done, get outside, and get back on Shadow. The same tactics from above still apply for this Mariner, but there are a few more things you need to watch out for. Firstly, the Mariner has started using that AOE that shoots a torrent of water from all sides more often, but it has a super obvious telegraph so move away as soon as you see water bubbling up around the boat.

The other two things you need to look out for are the new summons, and how far this git will move. The new summons in question are giant skeletons, one of which will try to smash you with its big arms, the other will shoot a deadly laser from its face. The second you see the red glow, take off running. You can still do the stagger we mentioned above, but only try this if you have heavy armor and decent health or you’re going to have a bad day. If you lose sight of the Mariner during the fight, check the grassy hill to the northwest of the ruins. Despite not having any water, the Mariner sometimes appears there. Once they’re dead, you at least get a cool Ash Summons for your trouble, alongside the usual Deathroot.

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