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Elden Ring Weeping Peninsula Merchant guide

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Updated: Feb 27, 2022 9:09 am
Weeping Peninsula Merchant

If you’ve been hanging out in the world of Elden Ring for long enough, you’ve probably noticed that there are an insane amount of different nomadic merchants scattered across the landscape. However, since they’re not marked on any map, you’ll struggle to remember exactly where they are, or what they’re selling. To give you a bit of a hand, this Elden Ring Weeping Peninsula merchant guide will tell you exactly how to find these guys, and what they have to offer.

Elden Ring Terse Nomadic Merchant (Castle Rampart)

Weeping Peninsula Merchant Image

Where to find Terse Nomadic Merchant in Elden Ring

This merchant is pretty simple to find if you’re already exploring the Weeping Peninsula. From the entrance to the region, follow the main road south. As you go, you’ll eventually come across a huge open gate between two tall cliffs. Activate the nearby Castle Morne Rampart point of grace, and you should see the merchant sitting with his weird horse creature nearby.

Weeping Peninsula Merchant Map

What they’re selling:

This Elden Ring Weeping Peninsula merchant might be a little terse, but he is also a great source of certain items early in the game. Thanks to being close to a point of grace, he can also be reached pretty reliably. As he sells an infinite amount of Kukris, this guy is a great pit stop to stock up on these items for those bosses and enemies where they’re most useful. He doesn’t carry any cookbooks, but he does have a stonesword key and a cracked pot which are worth your runes.

Item NameAmountCost
Cracked Pot1600
Stonesword Key12000
Bastard Sword13000
Light Crossbow11500
Great Arrow8300
Ballista Bolt8300
Red Thorn Roundshield1600
Round Shield11000
Iron Helmet11500
Scale Armor12400
Iron Gauntlets11500
Leather Trousers11500
Crimson Amber Medallion11500
Note: Demi-Human Mobs1500

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