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Feb 26, 2022 8:31 pm

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What is the Elden Ring Red Square Debuff?

Where there are blessings there are curses


Elden Ring is a complex Action RPG with a hard-to-understand character build system. Your stats impact your damage, health, focus, and stamina. Beyond your stats, you also have buffs and debuffs that can be applied to a character to affect those values. A certain one has a lot of people confused, a small red square.

What does Elden Ring Red Square Debuff do?

The red square reduces your max HP by 5%. Quiet a detriment to a lot of builds, a lot of you will know how a single hit point can make a difference. You could have easily not noticed this debuff and spent a large chunk of your recent playthrough with a handicap.

image 35
No wonder he is dead, she is actively debuffing him

How to get rid of Elden Ring Red Square Debuff

You can’t cure it with an antidote, you can’t rest at lost grace or let time pass. The only way to get rid of this debuff is to use the Baldachin’s Blessing. An item you will have in your inventory right now. How is it possible that we know this? You have been hugging Fia haven’t you.

How you got Elden Ring Red Square Debuff

We also know that you have already met with Fia, the deathbed companion. She offers you to embrace her in exchange for a one-time use item called Baldachin’s Blessing. When used it increased your poise temporarily. What Fia didn’t tell you is that while you have this item you will have a 5% debuff to your health until you use the Baldachin’s Blessing. This is a fair trade, this way you aren’t just sitting on the Blessing, you have to actively need it or risk Fia’s debuff.

Simply using the Blessing will remove the debuff. If you ever want to get this blessing again you will need to take Fia’s debuff. An interesting trade-off but for those of you who know how important poise can be its definitely worth it

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