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Anaconda – Everything you need to know about Elite Dangerous’ popular spacecraft

One of the best multi-purpose ships in the game. Let's find all it's stats and quirks

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:11 pm

Ah, the Anaconda, beloved and trusty spaceship of many an Elite Dangerous pilot over the years. Its multipurpose abilities and vast upgradability truly make it a ship for all occasions. Whether you are heading to Colonia or heading around more colonized areas of the galaxy, the Anaconda can be fitted out to serve your needs at many ports throughout your vicinity.

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Elite Dangerous Anaconda Specifications

Pad Size requiredLarge
Ship dimensions155m x 62m x 32m
Multicrew availableYes
Fighter HangarYes
Mass lock factor23
Armor hardness65
Heat capacity334
Fuel Capacity32t
Shields362 MJ
Top speed (default/upgraded)183 m/s / 209 m/s
Boost (default/upgraded) 244 m/s / 279 m/s
Jump range (default/upgraded) 9.41ly / 41.45ly
Cargo (default/upgraded) 114 t 470 t
Info courtesy of Elite Dangerous Wiki

How much is the Anaconda in Elite Dangerous

It’s not cheap, put it that way, and it’s certainly not for everyone. You are going to need a fat wallet to kit out this bad boy, and even then you might be able to get a ship more suited to a particular task. Where the Anaconda shines, however, is its ability to multi-task, so if you are a bit a jack of all trades the credits may be well spent.


146,969,451 Cr

Benefits and drawbacks of the Elite Dangerous Anaconda

8 weapon hardpointsLimited landing options due to pad size needed
8 utility mountsVery expensive
Great explorer potentialExpensive fit-out costs
Massive potential jump rangeSluggish turning in Supercruise

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