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Here are the eight Elyon classes available to play

There are six Elyon classes available at launch.

Updated: May 11, 2022 11:21 am
Here are the eight Elyon classes available to play

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Elyon is a brand new MMORPG that launched on October 20. The new MMO developed by Kakao, the team behind one of the East’s best MMOs, ArchAge, is back with a whole new game. The game is an Action RPG, with players taking on the world through their classes and airships. Like all MMOs, there are dungeons to explore, along with realm vs realm wars that offer players frantic, large scale PvP gameplay.

The way you play through all of this content is by playing a class. When the game launches on October 20, seven Elyon classes have their theme and unique gameplay style. These Elyon classes are the Assassin, Elementalist, Gunner, Mystic, Warlord, and Slayer.

Elyon Classes

There are only six classes at the start of the game, with a dedicated healer and tank class in the picture. After that, you have five dedicated damage dealers in a variety of forms. We will go through roughly what the class is and a few of their most ocn=onic skill descriptions to give you an idea of what they do.

  • The Assassin is your standard rogue-like character. The class has the power to disappear in the thick of combat, along with the ability to reappear and execute enemies. Their skills include back jumps, blink forward, repeated backstabs and knock-ups and frontal strikes.
  • Elementalists are the standard wizard-like character that has mastered the elements of the world. They use the combination of arcane, fire, frost and lightning to deal with their foes. The class appears to have a dash ability to excel their speed via lightning with a mixture of lava flowing and thunderstorms to kill enemies.
  • Gunners are very cowboy-themed, equipped with their trusty sidearms and other mechanical contraptions. They can fire missiles, barrage their enemies, throw grenades, do powerful aimed shots, and suppress enemies with consistent bullet fire.
  • Mystic is the resident Elyon healing class that harness nature to heal their allies and destroy their foes. One of the notable features of the class is that it can root enemies with nature, along with channel spells and knock up opponents. If you like controlling your opponents and healing allies, this could be the pick for you.
  • A Warlord is the toughest amongst all of the Elyon classes. They are the resident tank class, with their huge armor and giant weapons capable of taking on hordes of enemies while lashing out. Their skills include leaps, shield bases, and skill that magnetizes enemies towards a Warlord’s position.
  • If the Warlord is the tank of Elyon, then the Slayer is its Damage dealing cousin. The Slayer uses massive two-handed weapons to unleash hell on the enemies, including massive swings, whirlwinds, uppercuts and sending various weapons from underground to clobber enemies to death.
  • The January 12 update brought with it the first post-launch class, the Archer. The Archer is a mixture of aoe rain of arrows, while the class has incrediblly strong aimed shots to burst targets with precision. You can see an example of the class in action courtesy of the recent video guide curated by Kakao.
  • On May 25, players will get a new class, the Paladin. The new class is a sword and shield wearer, and uses their aura powers to swap between the support and tank roles. Expect to know more about the class as and when the patch launches.

Furthermore, each class in the game has a special ability, helping to distinguish them further. One example is the Warlord’s unique, which makes them even tankier, and makes them immune to crowd control, while the Slayer gets bonus attack speed. If you fancy it, you can get a brief glimpse of what you can expect from the classes and other gameplay features in the game content trailer found below. If you’re interested, you can learn all about the four playable races here.

Image via Kakao.

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