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Europa Universalis 4 Origins DLC adds greater control to African nations

May Timbuktu once again rise

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 3:08 pm
Europa Universalis 4 Origins DLC adds greater control to African nations

The new Europa Universalis 4 Origins Immersion pack is out now. For those who grab themselves the Origins DLC pack, you will take on a greater role in Africa, with new missions, religions and other content that greatly enhances the African continent.

If you grab yourself the EU4 Origins Immersion Pack, you will find there are multiple new context expansions for plenty of the North and Central African nations, with a few southern African additions getting some love.

Ethiopia has earned itself a new greater role in the Jewish religion. We’ve all seen the random colonies of Jews in Africa when they tab on the religious tree, but now, that faith plays a role in Ethiopia. Nort to mention that Jewish nations can now choose nine religious characteristics to help customize a nation’s strengths, with even more flavourful events.

Europa Universalis 4 Origins: Missions

Meanwhile, there are a greater number of specialized missions available for many controls. The Europa Universali4 Origins DLC offers missions for:

  • Mali – Missions designed to help reassert territorial dominance over west Africa.
  • Songhai – Missions relating to the conquest of Mali and Timbuktu.
  • Kongo – unite the peoples of the Congo river, and greater missions to help defend against the growing Europan colonial powers.
  • Ethiopia – Fight to gain control over the Horn of Africa, along with missions relating to the kingdom of Solomon.
  • Ajuuraan – Maritime and Economic players will enjoy the trade missions helping to establish a foothold in the Indian Ocean.
  • Kilwa – This nation will gain a focus on naval prowess and empire-building overseas while defending their Swahili and South Africa from overseas colonials.
  • Mutapa – Mutatpa gets greater importance on building the kingdom of Zimbabwe, with aims to unify South Africa.

Moreso, the new Europa Universalis 4 Origins Immersion pack launches with a free update. The free update comes with major changes to institutions outside of Europe, while the Curia missing is getting a revamp, along with the usual rebalancing changes. You can read more on the EU4 Patch Notes over on Steam.

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