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How to unlock characters in Evil Dead

Here is how to unlock characters in Evil Dead the game.

Updated: May 13, 2022 4:27 pm
Evil Dead How to unlock characters

Evil Dead is filled with a variety of characters from the show. While you can jump into the PvP with a variety of hunter, supports and other class types, there are some survivors you can only unlock by completing missions. Here is everything you need to know about unlocking characters in Evil Dead.

How to unlock characters in Evil Dead?

To unlock characters in Evil Dead, you need to take on the missions and beat them. In total there are five missions at the moment, with four of the missions rewarding players with unlockable characters.

How to get Ash Williams in Evil Dead

There are several Ash Williams in the game, with the different class variety of Ash appearing in the game. Well, there’s yet another one to unlock. The Ash Willaims from Ash vs Evil Dead is unlockable from the first mission in the missions tab. We have a handy mission 1 walkthrough since it’s a little tricky. It’s a mission about managing resources effectively and avoiding getting hit by Deadites along the way.

When you complete the mission you will unlock this version of the character. However, it is a Leader version of the character that you can use in multiplayer, so you an Ash to play in all the roles.

How to get Amanda Fisher in Evil Dead

Amanda Fish is the next character you unlock from missions in Evil Dead. The character is another Hunter character, making her particularly effective at fighting Deadites and Demons You get her from completing the Kill ‘Em All mission, which is a deathmatch type mission. Your job is to kill Deadites in Deadite infested areas, and then drive to the next location. Aim well with your pump-action shotty, slay the dead, and get Amanda Fisher for your troubles.

How to get Pable Simon Bolivar in Evil Dead

Pablo Simon Bolivar is a character that you can get from the fourth mission, It’s Not Gonna Let us Go. The aim of the missions is basically to head to locations, collect some things and fight off a few baddies along the way. Eventually, you’ll repair the car and then have to fight the boss. Once you kill the boss, you have to get to the car with Ash’s possessed hand and drive out of there before the storm makes you too scared and you fail.

Upon completing the mission you will unlock Pablo Simon Bolivar for Evil Dead. This is the third support character available for all those who wish to aid their allies in multiplayer.

How to get Lord Arthur in Evil Dead

Evil Dead Lord Arthur
You can get Arthur via the fifth mission in the missions tab.

The fourth unlockable character in Evil Dead is Lord Arthur. He is another leader character, which requires you to beat the Homecoming King mission. The mission requires you to play as the Knight himself and charge in there with his trusty spades, axes, and crossbows, beating back the chain mail skeleton Deadites while you look for the Kandarian demon artefacts and other items of the dead.

Upon finding the Necronomicon, you will then need to defend against waves of enemies. Save your spare health and ammo for this as the fight can get a little tough if you mess up before this point. After that, you have to fight Evil Ash, and survive the battle. Once the timer runs out, drive to the Manor, get your sword and one v one him once again. And that is that.

There is also a sixth mission, but that is not out at the time of writing. Perhaps that unlocks another character for us o play? But, for now, that concludes how to unlock characters in Evil Dead. For more guides check out our Evil Dead hub!

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