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Evil Dead Kill Em All Mission 3 Walkthrough

We guide you through the Evil Dead Kill Em All Mission 3 with a few tips and tricks

Updated: May 16, 2022 4:52 pm
Evil Dead Kill Em All Mission 3 Walkthrough

Evil Dead’s missions are certainly a pain, and that is certainly the case with Evil Dead’s Mission 3. The Evil Dead Kill Em All mission is one of the toughest ones in the game (as is the first one), requiring you to hunt down and kill several Deadites in different areas. Here is a walkthrough of what to expect for the Evil Dead Kill Em All mission.

Evil Dead Kill Em All Mission 3 Walkthrough

The Evil Dead Kill Em All mission starts you off at the top of a hill, right above a farm with hay bales and other wooden structures. You want to spend some time exploring here, picking up as much long gun ammo as possible and getting yourself cola and other items. Check the hay bales, the longhouse and the farm itself as the items are scattered all over the place. Once you’re done, you then want to drive to the objective marker.

Upon reaching the objective marker, you will have to fight off several Deadites before you can proceed to the next area. This is the case throughout the mission. Since there’s no save or checkpoint feature, you want to master the following techniques to win:

  • Landing headshots – More damage and less ammo loss
  • Timing your dodges – Less damage equals a better chance of making it to the end
  • Reset your fear bar –  As you drive between areas, you’ll also want to reset your fear. There are a few sources of light just before each infested area. Rest up before facing the monsters.
  • Use the car as a weapon sparingly – You can easily use the car as a weapon in some Deadite areas. Don’t let it take too much of a beating, as cars can break down. Thanks to the mission timer, your car breaking could mean you fail the missions.
  • Use the bat against most Deadites since you need to fight Eligos in the second and third bit. – It is much safer to shoot Eligo and avoid his slipper teleports and his grip.

At the second infestation objective, there is a hut with a fire axe, sledgehammer and a bat, along with a tonne of ammo. You don’t get a melee weapon, so you need to pick this up to conserve ammo when you can. You want to save your ammo for the final fight when Eligos appears.

In the final infestation area, you will have to confront Eligos. Eligos is the final Deadite and will take a beating, so make sure you have enough ranged ammo to fight it. There is also extra ammo around the final area on the picnic benches near the park.

Upon completing, you will unlock Amanda Fisher and get more content; congratulations! Why not check out our Evil Dead hub for more guides on the game?

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