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F1 Manager 22 Scouting Guide

Updated: Sep 21, 2022 3:24 pm
F1 M Scout Key Staff

This F1 Manager 22 Scouting Guide has all the tips and tricks you need to scout and sign drivers and staff that will help your team race ahead.

F1 Manager 22 scouting allows players to learn more about drivers and staff from the current F1 rosters, free agents, and all the way down to F3. This means that there is plenty of promising young talent in terms of drivers, and wise old heads in terms of staff already available in season one.

There are two big things to consider when scouting in F1 Manager 22, your budget and your team’s attractiveness. These two things can limit which drivers and staff are attainable to you depending on which team you decide to start as.

For example, if you started as Mercedes, you’re likely to attract anyone to your team. On the other hand, if you started as Williams or Aston Martin, you may have a tougher time persuading people to join.

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F1 Manager 22 – How to start scouting

F1 Manager 22 - Scouting Pierre Wache
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To begin scouting in F1 Manager 22, select either the Drivers or Staff tab. From the Drivers tab, select Scout Drivers. From the Staff tab, select the Scout Key Staff option and then select which department you wish to recruit in. These include Technical Chiefs, Heads of Aerodynamics and Race Engineers.

F1 Manager 22 – Which drivers and staff should you be scouting?

Now that you have decided which area your F1 Manager 22 team needs to strengthen. You can begin scouting the pool of candidates from F1 to F3, and, of course, the free agents. We have put together a short list below of promising drivers and highly rated staff members to give you a head start when building your dream team.

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F1 Manager 22 Scouting – Drivers

F1 Manager 22 - Theo Pourchaire Stats
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When scouting new drivers in F1 Manager 22, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, the driver’s overall rating and growth potential.

The first of these two is pretty self-explanatory, a driver’s overall rating determines how well they do everything involved in the race weekend.

Secondly, the higher a driver’s growth potential in F1 Manager 22, the more experience they will gain per week. Younger drivers usually have higher growth potential and are more willing to sign long-term contracts.

Next, you should consider the driver’s aggression. The higher a driver’s aggression, the more likely they are to go for risky overtakes. This can be great for moving up the order on race day, however, it also increases the likelihood of the driver crashing. We think average is the sweet spot here.

  • Oscar Piastri – At only 21 years old with a rating of 75, Oscar Piastri is the obvious first choice for a call-up from Alpine’s reserve seat.
    • Piastri has high growth potential as well as an average aggression rating. He can be persuaded to join any team for around 500k per year.
  • Theo Pourchaire – At just 18 years old, Pourchaire is the best driver to have in your reserve seat.
    • Theo’s starting rating is 71, he has high growth potential and low aggression. If you sign him early and give him plenty of practice time, he can end the first season as highly rated as 75.
  • Frederik Vetsi – At 20 years old, Vesti has to be another consideration for a developmental reserve driver.
    • Vesti, like Pourchaire, starts at a 71 rating. He has high growth potential and high aggression. Another driver, who with plenty of practice time, could easily take a seat in a couple of seasons.

F1 Manager 22 Scouting – Staff

Scouting and signing staff in F1 Manager 22 has fewer considerations than for the drivers. Generally, you just want to sign staff members who have a better overall rating.

Once you have scouted a member of staff, you’ll be able to compare their performance stats directly against your current members. If on average their performance stats are better and they’re not lacking massively in one or two areas, they’re a good signing.

Race Engineers

  • Peter ‘Bono’ Bonnington – If you’re starting as one of the front runners in F1 Manager 22, Bono is the best race engineer available rated at 93 overall.
    • If you are starting as Mercedes, great, you already have him. If not, it will take some tempting to lure Bono away from Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton, but he’s definitely worth it.
  • Ben Michell – If you’re starting as a back marker or midfield team, Aston Martin’s Ben Michell is a no-brainer. He starts with a very comfortable overall rating of 84 and won’t destroy your bank balance.
    • You can lure Ben Michell away from Aston Martin as any other team on the grid. This is a brilliant idea if you’re Williams for example, as Aston are likely to be your biggest competition in season one.

Technical Chiefs

  • Pierre Wache – If you’re starting as a front-runner team, you’ll want to get your hands on the best Technical Chief available. This is Red Bull’s Pierre Wache.
    • Pierre has an overall rating of 83 and his rear wing development stat is a whopping 87. Oh, and he is out of contract at the end of 2022.
  • Ti Chuong – If you’re starting further back in F1 Manager 22, Ti Chuong is a brilliant candidate for your new Technical Chief. He also won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
    • He has a fantastic overall starting rating of 78 with very balanced performance stats. The best part about Ti? He starts the game as a free agent.

Heads of Aerodynamics

F1 Manager 22 -  Aaron Melvin Stats
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  • Diego Tondi – If you’re looking for the best of the best in F1 Manager 22, look no further than Ferrari’s Diego Tondi.
    • With an overall rating of 90, Tondi is hard to beat at the top of the list. It will take some effort to lure him away from the Scuderia. However, his contract is also up at the end of 2022.
  • Aaron Melvin – If you’re starting at the back of the grid or in midfield you may be looking to poach some key staff from your competitors. Haas’s Aaron Melvin is a good option for this.
    • With an overall rating of 77, Aaron Melvin is not exactly setting the world alight. However, he is the best-rated Head of Aero obtainable by the likes of Williams and Aston Martin. He also has a pretty balanced set of performance stats.

We hope you found this F1 Manager 22 Scouting Guide useful. If you did, why not have a look at our F1 Manager 22 Tips & Tricks?

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