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Fix Far Cry 6 crashing, lag and stutter on PC, Xbox and Playstation

If Yara having a few issues playing Far Cry 6, we might have a few solutions.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 12:33 pm
Fix Far Cry 6 crashing, lag and stutter on PC, Xbox and Playstation

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Ubisoft’s latest openworld shooter unlocked in the early hours of the morning, allowing access for millions of Far Cry fans to the island of Yara and the commencement of its liberation. We’ve not seen reports of too many issues, but no doubt a few wannabe guerrillas have had their visits curtailed due to the odd technical issue, ranging from graphics stutter and lag on some PC setups, to whispers of Xbox One players being denied entry to the game entirely – who perhaps, let’s be honest, probably had their alarms set too early.

How to fix lag, stutter, crashing on PC Far Cry 6

  • If you’re playing on PC, the first thing you should do is update your graphics card drivers. Far Cry 6-ready drivers exist for AMD GPUs (Adrenalin 21.10.1 Optional, from here), and Nvidia cards (472.12, from here), or, of course, you can auto-update through AND Auto Detect or GeForce Experience.
  • It goes without saying that you should check the Far Cry 6 system requirements, but if you’ve already bought the game you will have taken the minimum specs into consideration.
  • Other things that PC users can do is ensure their copy of Windows 10 (64-bit, of course) is updated. Windows automatic updates tend to be staggered, so it’s worth checking to see if an update has come out that your system is lazily holding back on.
  • Running the game as Administrator can be helpful, as can checking to make sure your antivirus software hasn’t quarantined the Far Cry 6 launcher, or even that of Ubisoft Connect or Epic Games. Check your settings to exclude Far Cry 6 executable from any overzealous AV checks.

How to fix crashing, stutter and lag on console Far Cry 6

  • Given their closed nature, there are fewer options when it comes to fixing Far Cry 6 issues on console. Of course you should check for and install any updates, both for your system and the game. Also, run a test to see how your connection is faring, since the game regularly checks for news and updates in-game. Also, make sure your console isn’t making a noise like a busy runway and overheating, as that can really impact performance.
  • Finally, reduce any graphics options you can and disable any unnecessary network options. If you’re playing on Xbox One and PS4, it could just be that the game is poorly optimized. Far Cry 4, the last Far Game to release on two console generations, was abysmal on PS3 and Xbox 360.   

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