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Far Cry 6 co-op campaign – what we know

Start a revolution with your pal!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 12:32 pm
Far Cry 6 Dani Rojas

Far Cry 6 is days away from release now, where we’ll be setting foot in Yara. A place where surely nothing can go wrong? Well maybe the chokehold Anton Castillo has on the island and the absolute disarray the country is in is an indicator to something shifty going on.

Although you can play through the campaign solo, we know that Far Cry 6 will feature a co-op campaign mode. Since Far Cry 3, multiplayer has become expected from the franchise. And although it doesn’t feature an all-out shoot-up in big lobbies, we’ll still get a co-op experience with a friend.

Far Cry 6 Co-op

Players will be able to experience the full main storyline and side content with their friends. Allowing two players to experience the campaign. Similarly to Far Cry 5, the co-op will have drop-in and drop-out mechanics. Allowing players to hop in and out of their friends’ games. So one player can continue the campaign on their own for a few hours, but later play co-op.

As for how the co-op will bleed into the story, that remains to be seen. For example, will enemies acknowledge both characters or will the game treat each player like the sole Dani?

No local co-op mode

Far Cry 5 did not feature local co-op so it’s likely right to assume Far Cry 6 won’t either. You won’t be able to play with another friend on the same console as the game won’t support split screen.

Far Cry

Online Subscriptions

If you’re planning on co-op playing, you will need certain online subscriptions to play. Xbox users need Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, while Playstation users need to have a subscription for Playstation Plus.

Far Cry 6 release

The game will be released on the 6th of October but you can start pre-loading it now, having it ready and raring to go! The game is quite big, at 40GB on consoles but 60GB on PC, be sure you’ve got plenty of space available.

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