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Who is the Far Cry 6 rooster?

Ubisoft gets its cock out for the Chicharron Run trailer.

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 10:44 am
far cry 6 rooster

Chicharron is one of the pet characters about to star in Far Cry 6. Known as Amigos, these animal sidekicks are intended to travel alongside you as you travel the length and breadth of Yara, taking down the ruthless Castillo dictatorship. Chicharron, if not already obvious, is a rooster (cock to our UK readers). 

Actually, Ubisoft prefers to call Chicharron a “punk rooster”. He’s the subject of the latest Far Cry 6 trailer, and seems pretty adept at causing chaos and creating diversions. As you can see below, he manages to escape the oppressive Yaran regime in the only way he knows how; by running like… well, a chicken.  

The Five Far Cry 6 Amigos

Other Amigos due to appear in Far Cry 6 are Guapo the crocodile, Chorizo the charioteer sausage dog, Boom Boom and Oluso. We don’t know much about those last two, but we suspect that situation will change over the coming days if the above trailer is a sign of things to come.

AI bots have been fighting for the cause for many years, but it was Far Cry 5 that fully embraced the idea of them being animal companions. Boomer the dog, Cheeseburger the bear, and Peaches the Cougar pretty much stole the show in Far Cry 5. Thankfully, if Far Cry 6 ends up being just as disappointing is its predecessor, it’s very likely that Chicharron and his friends will save the day. Let’s hope Far Cry 6 is a return to the series best and that the five Amigos make a great game even better. We shall find out when Far Cry 6 is released October 7.

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