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FIFA 23: Matchday Experience

Everything we learned from the Matchday Experience trailer

Updated: Aug 5, 2022 4:30 pm
FIFA 23: Matchday Experience

We just watched the Matchday Experience trailer. Here is everything we learned about FIFA 23, and what to expect when the game releases on September 30th. You can check out the new trailer below.

The Pitch

Pitch has now been visually improved, grass damage will show and if there’s a tackle you will see the dirt scuffed. Trails will remain throughout the course of the match, to help make the game feel more realistic for the duration of the match. 

Shadows have also been improved to add depth to the game; this combined with the Pitch improvements should continue to make a more complete experience. 

The Match

Pre-match build-up will have cinematic scenes of the ground and moments in the pitch to generate hype around the pre-match build-up. 

We will also see female officials, adding further diversity to the game. Female officials will appear in men’s games now, as well as in Ultimate Team, now FIFA 23 will give you the opportunity to choose your officials.  

New trainer has been added to the game to help new players coming to the game for the first time, it should help make it a less daunting task for any newcomers who are trying to familiarise themselves with the game. 

Crowd has also been improved, with more variety in the crowd too, they now have updated clothing types and faces. 

Goals, Goals, Goals

New camera angles using cinematic lenses will also be added to the game, not just in the pre-match build up but during the game itself. Goal Kicks and set-pieces will all feel unique and different because of the new angles that have been introduced. 

There are new camera angles on goals in the highlights, but also show different stats on the screen when scoring the goal, including things like xG, distance and power of the shot. Making the highlights a bit more dynamic after you’ve bagged that worldie. 

Special sound effects can now be added to the game after you score a goal too, to make it more unique to your team and add a bit of personality to your matches. This, combined with the new highlights will help spice up the banger you’ve just put on top of bananas.

New celebrations will also be coming to the game including individual celebrations for players like Diogo Jota and Christian Pulisic.

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