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FIFA 23: Pro Clubs crossplay ‘more complex’ as ‘multiple players’, says EA

Updated: Aug 15, 2022 11:01 am
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EA has responded to fans’ anger over lack of cross-play support for the upcoming FIFA 23.

According Delaney Leatherdale, Pro Clubs Producer at EA, the reason why there is no crossplay support for the mode in FIFA 23 is there is ‘added complexity’ as there are multiple players involved.

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Leatherdale revealed the news on EA’s Top Bins Live show, along with Kyle Riley and Sheldon Rogers.

“Unfortunately, in Pro Clubs and a few other modes, we will not be including it in cross-play at FIFA 23’s launch,” Leatherdale said.

“The reason is that there’s added complexity in developing modes with multiple players playing on the same team.

We want to make sure that we do right by the community, so we continue to explore the best technical implementation options at this time.”

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The statement from the FIFA Pro Clubs community about lack of cross play support

While EA has confirmed that the game will be cross play in some modes, Pro Clubs will not be supporting the feature, which has angered the FIFA Pro Clubs community.

What makes this interesting is that, in previous FIFA’s you could have multiple players on the same team in Ultimate Team as well. Admittedly, it was only a maximum of two, but it does raise the question of if this feature will still be in FIFA 23 if you wish to use the cross-play functionality.

In a statement directed to EA, a leader in the Pro Clubs community claims EA is ‘out of touch’ with players and doesn’t ‘understand what players want’.

Here’s what they say in the recent FIFA 23 pitch notes: “Following the cross-play test in FIFA 22 to Online Friendlies and Online Seasons, we’re expanding on the availability of cross-play to more game modes for FIFA 23, as well as increasing the number of included platforms.

“In FIFA 23, cross-play will be available at launch in FUT Division Rivals (except Co-Op), FUT Champions, FUT Ultimate Online Draft, FUT Online Friendlies (except Co-Op), FUT Play a Friend, Online Friendlies, Online Seasons (except Co-Op Seasons) and the Virtual Bundesliga competitive game mode that is available to players based in Germany.

This has since been back tracked due to the outrage from fans. EA have since stated they are working on getting it crossplay and will come to FIFA 23 after launch.

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FIFA 23 will be released on September 30 2022 – and FIFA 23 pre orders have already kicked off.

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