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FIFA 22 Versus Ice themed FUT players revealed

Here are the FIFA 22 Versus upgrades for the ice themed promotion of the event.

Updated: Dec 14, 2021 2:41 pm
FIFA 22 Versus Ice themed FUT players revealed

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FIFA 22 has revealed the Ice versions of the players. The 11 players who got a fire version now have their ice versions, offering new player ratings for those players as part of the new FUT 22 event. Moreso, the launch of the ice cards remove the fire cards from packs.

FIFA 22 Versus Ice Packs

The 11 players who got an upgrade as part of the FIFA 22 versus pack are getting the same treatment. However, their stats will change. It means the fire cards have been extinguished by the ice version, which will last for 

For example, the differences between the two versions of Marcus Rashford is in the defence and the dribbling. The fire version of Marcus Rashford is 90 dribbling, compared to the Ice version of 87. However, the Ice version has better physical, scoring at 83 than the Fire’s 80.

It seems like the Ice versions are here to stay till December 17. If you go on the FIFA 22 website, the Fire gets a special mention of going offline on December 13, when the ice theme upgrades come out. Meanwhile, the Ice themed upgrades will replace the Fire and are scheduled to melt on December 17. If you are interested in picking up the upgrades for the following players, you can check out this image of the FIFA 22 Versus Ice themed promotions below. We have also attached a fire version so you can compare and contrast who got the better or worse upgrades in this new FIFA 22 versus promo. 

Ice Versus FIFA 22 cards

Fire Versus FIFA 22 cards

The FIFA 22 Verus FUT promo ends on December 17. It’s only a matter of time until we see what the next FUT promo is, more than likely a Christmas event as the gaming world heads closer to the festive period. Such as the rumoured Freeze event.

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