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FIFA 22 Rulebreakers seemingly leaked, may begin October 29

Here are out FIFA 22 Rulebreaker predictions

Updated: Nov 30, 2021 2:26 pm
FIFA 22 Rulebreakers seemingly leaked, may begin October 29

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It appears that FIFA 22 is getting another special event to celebrate Halloween. While FIFA 22 is already in the Halloween season, with themed kits available from the store, it seems like we are going to get the FIFA 22 Rulebreakers event.

What is the FIFA 22 Rulebreakers event?

The FIFA 22 Rulebreakers event is a themed event that made an appearance in FIFA 21. The event featured some rather incredible FUT changes, turning Harry Kane from a  somewhat slow boy to a fact-paced demon sent straight from hell – appropriate wording considering the season.

However, EA has not directly confirmed anything is happening for FIFA 22 just yet. Although, it appears a bugged image of FUT FIFA 22 appeared for one Reddit user, who has since shared it to Reddit. Considering the fact that that this weekend is Halloween, we will likely have confirmation on whether this is true or not from EA in the coming hours.

FIFA 22 Rulebreakers Predictions

So, what are our predictions for the FIFA 22 Rulebreakers event? Well, since there is no real confirmation of anything, the Rulebreakers event could be exactly the same as last year or return to a more FIFA 19’s Ultimate Scream style event. Last year, some players got flatout stat upgrades, as already mentioned with Harry Kane’s pace upgrade. On the other hand, the FIFA 19 scream elevated 23 players to get progressively better over the season for two of a player’s stats. 

It is unlikely we will get a Scream style event, considering that FIFA 22 uses the Ones to Watch feature. The Ones to Watch feature has ten players that are considered ones to watch, so if they perform, they get stat upgrades, making them a fairly decent long term investment for your FUT squad. Therefore, our main FIFA 22 Rulebreakers prediction will essentially be the same as last year.

As for the rest of the event, we feel they can spice up the SBC system. Players can opt into the SBC (Squad Building Challenges) to complete challenges using items and more. There’s certainly potential to create a Rulebreakers SBC for the season where players can get special Halloween items and rewards.

Now, for the exciting part, which players do we think will get the rulebreaker treatment? Our standout has to be Mo Salah. After a hat-trick against United the other day, surely he is the obvious choice as he is already proven he is a beast this season.

Image via EA.

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