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FIFA 23 The best kits

The only way to play in style.

Updated: Apr 8, 2023 8:42 am
FIFA 23 The best kits

It doesn’t matter what game mode you’re playing in FIFA 23, you’re going to want to do it in style. Even in a Career Mode, the kit your team wears will influence your decision making when choosing a club. No one wants to have to stare at a bland kit. 

Over the summer we have seen all the new kits that we can expect to see in FIFA 23 and some of them are genuinely glorious. Adidas have just released their latest kits in anticipation of the World Cup, and as to be expected some of them are amazing. 

Below we will list all the must-have kits on FIFA 23, especially in Ultimate Team where you have some freedom about what kit you will wear. Obviously, EA Sports do not have the licence for the club then their kit won’t appear on here because they won’t be in the game. 

Here are our top picks: 

FIFA 23 The best kits: Arsenal Third Kit 

Arsenal third shirt

Arsenal always have very nice kits, and this year is no different. In FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team the third kit is likely to be the pick of the bunch and probably the most expensive to acquire out of their kits. 

The pink is perfectly complemented by the blue trim, while the small detail throughout helps elevate the whole thing to another level. 

FIFA 23 The best kits: Barcelona Away Kit 

barca away kit

Barcelona will be sporting their new Spotify sponsor for the first time in FIFA 23, and it looks incredibly smart on the front of their new kit. Their home kit is smart, their third kit is very unique but their away kit is a true stunner. 

There are quite a few gold kits this season, but very few are as nice as this Barcelona kit. What really makes this kit one of the best is the texture that runs throughout the kit, while the sponsor does a great job of not being overly egregious.

FIFA 23 The best kits: Bayern Munich Away Kit 

bayern munich away kit

Bayern Munich pretty much always have a very clean kit, which is very desirable in Ultimate Team. This year that kit is their away kit.

It’s white and gold, making any squad stand out the moment they put it on. While it may not be as iconic as the red they wear at home, but the uniqueness of this kit will help it last long in the memory. 

FIFA 23 The best kits: Celtic Away Kit 

Celtic away kit

Celtic can be quite limited with their kit options at times due to the green and white hoops, but their away kit is where they have more freedom. 

This is a great kit to stand out in FIFA 23, especially as the base colour is black, it will be very easy to ensure you won’t clash with your opponent. Green and black contrasting against each other, with a subtle stripe, helps make a stand out kit on FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 The best kits: Club Brugge Away Kit 

Club brugge away kit

Club Brugge is part of the Belgian first division and one of the best clubs in the country. It’s only fitting then that their experimental away kit is one of the nicest of any club in the division. 

Bold patterns can all too often be too busy, but Club Brugge have really nailed it this year by taking a risk and landing it. Unfortunately, it may cause some slight issues on FIFA 23 when it comes to kit clashes. If it doesn’t cause any confusion, this will be a must-have kit on Ultimate Team. 

FIFA 23 The best kits: Venezia Home/Third Kit

venezia home shirt
venezia third kit

This is a bit cheeky really, more of a two-for-one if anything, but once again Venezia have absolutely knocked it out the park with their kits. 

Admittedly, this is now what the team is known for above anything else, but just look at those kits. On FIFA 22, the Venezia kits were so popular EA Sports had to raise the price cap on the kits for the first time. Expect these kits to once again be the most expensive FIFA 23 has to offer.

Who has the nicest kits on FIFA 23?

Obviously this is clearly subjective, but for us it is difficult to look past the Venezia kits this season.

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