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FIFA 23: Man United’s new man Casemiro predicted ratings

Will Casemiro improve Manchester United in FIFA 23.

Updated: Sep 8, 2022 12:21 pm
FIFA 23: Man United’s new man Casemiro predicted ratings

Manchester United has reached an agreement for Casemiro, their new singing has now been shown off to the fans, before they went on to dismantle Liverpool. Going into FIFA 23, he will turn out for the Red Devils.

Casemiro has sat at the base of the Real Madrid midfield during one of their most successful periods. To cap it off last year he went on to win his 5th Champions League trophy. 

In FIFA 23, we may see him turn out for a new club. Now, after all that success the Brazilian defensive midfielder looks to be on the move to Manchester United. This may not seem like a good move, but he could see himself surplus to requirement after the recent addition of Tchoumani from Monaco. 

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Despite how good Casemiro continued to show he was last season, he is still likely to get a slight downgrade going into FIFA 23. He was 89 rated in the last game, but at the age of 30 he may start to decline soon. 

We take a look at what we think Casemiro will be rated in FIFA 23.

Casemiro – FIFA 23 – Predicted Ratings 


Overall Rating 88 (-1)

Although we are expecting a slight ratings drop, he will still remain one of the best players in the game, in his position. He will not suit FIFA 23 Ultimate Team players because of how slow he is, but everything else he has to offer is top tier. 

If you need a player to act as a destroyer in your midfield then Casemiro is your man. He knicks the ball off opposition players and then lays it off to his midfield partners. This may not be the exact player Manchester United need for the new season, but he is certainly better than anything they have already got. 

Pace 64 (-1)

A slight drop in pace is likely prior to the release of FIFA 23. Casemiro is not a fast player, it’s not a part of his game and FIFA, to their credit, have always recognised that.

It’s for this reason that he will not be too desirable on FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team, as we have said many times pace is king is FIFA and if you aren’t fast, you are not going to make many people’s starting 11’s. 

Shooting 71 (-2)

After having a fairly prolific season by his own standards during the 20/21 season, last year he only managed one goal in the league. Admittedly if you’re signing Casemiro to bang goals, you’ve got the wrong player. 

However, FIFA can be quite brutal with this kind of thing, so after a drop in his goals last time out, it’s very likely this will be reduced before the release of FIFA 22. 

Passing 75 (-1) 

Casemiro’s passing is also likely to get a reduction in FIFA 23. It isn’t necessarily because he can’t pass the ball, but his role is to pick up the ball and then release it quickly to his midfield partners. Their specialty is to spray worldie passes like there is no tomorrow so it is a sensible decision. 

He is an intelligent player though, so his stats should represent that going into FIFA 23. 

Dribbling 71 (-2) 

A whole two points deduction may seem a bit harsh, however FIFA are quite prone to this when they do give a player a ratings reduction.

Once again, Casemiro is a very intelligent defensive player. If he needs to move the ball up the pitch he will release it to one of his better equipped midfield partners. 

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Casemiro is only in the 35th percentile for progressive carries, as you can see it clearly isn’t one of his strengths and why his dribbling will be reduced on FIFA 23. It’s strange really Manchester United went from wanting Frenkie De Jong, to a player completely opposite in Casemiro. 

Defending 85 (-1)

Again, this is only a slight reduction, mainly because it is so good defensively. Yet, if you’re going to have a player reduced, then most of his stats are going to take a bit of a hit. 

Physicality 90 (-) 

This is the one area where Casemiro won’t get a reduction, the man is a physical specimen. He is incredibly strong, he plays with aggression and power, constantly outmuscling his opponents in the middle of the park. 

Final Thoughts 

Casemiro is an outstanding midfielder and still one of the very best. He will remain one of the highest rated midfielders, even after a reduction, in FIFA 23. 

Even if he moves to Manchester United he will only improve the team, and the transfer is beginning to look increasingly likely. 

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