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FIFA 23: Darwin Núñez predicted ratings

What will new Liverpool signing Darwin Núñez be rated in FIFA 23?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022 12:21 pm
FIFA 23 Darwin Nunez rating prediction

Darwin Núñez is one of the biggest transfers this summer as he has joined Liverpool from Benfica. Núñez has been brought in to reinforce the Liverpool frontline after they lost prolific Senegalese winger Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich.

On FIFA 23, Liverpool will have a new look attack that may not be as potent on FIFA but could grow to replace what they once had. 

Liverpool in recent years have comfortably had one of the best forward lines in world football, with their wingers especially, being very desirable in FIFA. The question is, can they maintain that now they have had to replace such a key part of their attack? 

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Núñez won’t be alone in trying to replace Mane’s influence with Luis Díaz also expected to step up for the 22/23 season. 

Darwin Núñez has joined for big money and the pressure is on, with fans of Liverpool and football in general all looking eagerly to see how he will get on for the new season. Most importantly for FIFA fans, what will the Uruguayan forward be rated on FIFA 23. 

Darwin Núñez – FIFA 23 – Ratings Prediction

Nunez 2

Overall Rating 82 (+6)

Darwin Núñez, was a relative unknown to many at the beginning of last season. So it is difficult to predict what rating he may be on FIFA 23. He was easily one of the best players outside the top five leagues last season, so he should be expecting a big boost from the 76 he had on last FIFA. 

We have gone with a +6, as this still recognises his development and form last season, but isn’t too radical of a boost for FIFA 23. They rarely want to put players up too fast too quickly just in case the form isn’t permanent. 

Yet, when you score 34 goals in 41 games across the course of a season, people start to take notice. FIFA 23, won’t be any different and he should get a well deserved boost this time around. 

Pace 87 (+5) 

Darwin Núñez is certainly no slouch, his pace was already decent on his card in FIFA 22 and after the season he had, he should be in line for a good boost in FIFA 23. He bullies defenders with his pace and power, if there is an open space in front of him he is incredibly difficult to catch.

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Núñez’s pace is frightening and a +5 may again be a bit low, going into FIFA 23 this speed will make him very desirable for players building out new teams in need of a striker.

Shooting 82 (+7) 

Once again, it seems unlikely FIFA will go too mad for his upgrade before FIFA 23, but the new Liverpool forward looks like a near complete finisher. The boost on his shooting could be massive, with his finishing only currently rated at 75. 

Núñez’s movement is exceptional, and combined with his pace means he will always find space. While the accuracy of his finishes is incredible with just over 50% of his shots going on target last season. 

He may struggle to find this same level of space in the Premier League, but he has certainly shown he has all the attributes to do well in the league. After a season like the one he had though, a significant boost to his shooting is a must.

Passing 70 (+1)

This is Núñez’s biggest weakness, and if he is to play down the middle next season for Liverpool next season, he will need to improve. 

He was in the 1st percentile for passes completed last season, but he also doesn’t attempt to pass the ball. He may be better at passing than we think, but there is no way of knowing until he is made to pass the ball a bit more.

There is every chance Núñez will be deployed on the wing next season, he is comfortable out wide and where Liverpool have traditionally opted for a false-nine it may make sense, this seems like a realistic option. 

Dribbling 84 (+11) 

This may seem like a big boost but Núñez’s dribbling was a revelation last season. His strength and speed on the ball is very impressive and one of the reasons he can play on the left successfully. 

Having him cutting in from the left, will be lethal and the same will be the same when FIFA 23 first comes out. 

Especially if FIFA 23 recognises the progress he has made and does give him some well deserved upgrades, as expected. 

Defending 40 (-)

It is unlikely his defending is boosted at all, naturally he is a dorward and therefore defending isn’t on his priorities list. Where he does excel though is his heading. 

Núñez will be much better in the air on FIFA 23 for sure. He showcased last season he is an aerial threat by scoring nearly ten headers in all competitions, across the course of the season.

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At the moment his heading is only 73, so expect this to get a boost. 

Physicality 85 (+1) 

Darwin’s physicals were actually already quite good in FIFA. They should get a small boost going into FIFA 23, because of his natural development. The main stat here that will need boosting is his jumping, which currently only sits at 73.

He showed last season he is an aerial threat and FIFA 23.

Darwin Núñez FIFA 23 Price 

The big thing that will dictate Núñez’s price when FIFA 23 first drops will be his body type as well as traits. However, because of his physical prowess and significantly improved links going into FIFA 23, he will definitely cost more than he did on FIFA 22.

He will probably be around 8,000 coins when the game first releases as long as he gets the boosts he deserves. It’s highly likely he will be ever present in a lot of early Premier League sides, on FIFA 23. 

Ones to Watch

Where Darwin is Liverpool’s marquee signing he should be featured as part of the first promo of FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team, but how far can he go? So far he has shown flashes of his brilliance, even if he needs to mature a bit.

It might take him a while to reach Mane’s level, so Team of the Season could be unlikely in his first season, but he will be a fan favourite all the way through the game – we should expect to see plenty of specials for Darwin Núñez in FIFA 23.

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