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FIFA 23: extended gameplay trailer

Where to watch the FIFA 23 extended gameplay trailer and what to expect

Updated: Jul 27, 2022 4:45 pm
FIFA 23: extended gameplay trailer

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We finally got our first extended look at gameplay and what is in store for us going into FIFA 23.

The reveal was ten minutes of unseen footage and showed off everything we can expect from FIFA 23, that releases on September 30th this year.

upcoming deep dives ea

According to the release schedule above we shouldn’t expect more information until August, and we expect a late August reveal for FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team.


FIFA 23 progresses further with the technology that was introduced last year with the introduction of HyperMotion2. This is the foundation of the gameplay for the next-gen consoles. 

The way this is done on FIFA 23, is by recording two full matches with two professional teams, as well as completely capturing the women’s teams as well. 

For FIFA 23, they have also recorded training drills to try and capture as many unique animations as possible. This has allowed them to have twice as many as they did in FIFA 22. 

According to EA, these have all helped to make the gameplay experience more immersive and unique from moment-to-moment. 

Women’s Football

In FIFA 23, women’s club teams will be playable for the first time and by using the HyperMotion2 technology, they have been able to ensure they feel completely unique, and different to the men’s sides.

Women players will have their own unique run styles much like the men do in the game, three different types of movement archetypes as well as animations completely unique to the woman’s teams. These include: Shots, kick-offs, celebrations, jockeys, passes, dribbling and more. 


Dribbling has been overhauled with the introduction of Technical Dribbling. This is the default dribbling style that can be done using the left stick on the controller. All players have this available to them but it will work best with the best players.

In FIFA 23, EA are saying there will be more personality with how a player dribbles with the ball, as well as the unique run styles. 

The example given was Vinicius Jr running with the ball is completely different to him running without it. This could make for some great variation in FIFA 23, as well impact players’ values.

In order to combat the improved dribbling, EA have worked on improving the Jockeying in the game too. This is to try and ensure that you can still prevent a top class player from getting around you. 

The jockeying in FIFA 23, will look more realistic and fresher than it ever has done before.


Movement as been overhauled in FIFA 23, with three new types of player acceleration types: 

  • Controlled: Majority of players will be controlled and they will accelerate in a normal way.
  • Explosive: This is likely to be the most terrifying going into FIFA 23. These players will be shorter and more agile, covering short distances very quickly, but they will also slow down quicker too. 
  • Lengthy: These are the taller, stronger players. They will take more time to get going, but once they do they can be quicker over long distances. 

Power Shots

Power shots are something we have heard about for quite some time in FIFA 23. They will be high risk, but high reward. Your aim will need to be more precise, and they will rely on the player’s aim completely. 

Set Pieces

Redesigned completely. Composure bar is different now on penalties, now a circle around the ball that shrinks closer to the ball as you choose how to take it. They look like they could take some getting used to. 

The focus now is less about placement, and more about timing power as well as placement. 

Freekicks are also completely different, you can now choose where you are to strike the ball, before you choose where you wish to place it. 

This should allow for greater variation with things like spin and the way the ball travels. Draft excluder is now in the game for defending set pieces too, which is a nice addition. 

Skill moves 

Left footed skills are more accurate than before, fake shots improved, stutter feint skill move, heel fake and then ball roll new skill. There appears to be many more new skills coming to the game too, for those players who love to play with that extra sauce.

If you would like to watch the trailer then it is just here for you.

Stick around after too as we take a good look at everything we learned about FIFA 23.

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