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FIFA 23: Karim Benzema predicted ratings

Benzema is tipped for world's best player, but will FIFA agree

Updated: Oct 14, 2022 5:02 pm
FIFA 23: Karim Benzema predicted ratings

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FIFA 23 Leaks are suggesting we may be on the money here.

What an unbelievable season Karim Benzema just had. Scoring 15 goals in a single Champions League campaign, making him only the third player to do so. He was crucial during Real Madrid’s campaign, helping Los Blancos pick up the Champions League and the La Liga. 

What was most impressive about his season was how important the goals were. A hat-trick against PSG and Chelsea as he dragged Real Madrid to the final were major highlights.

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Benzema done enough last season to really show he is a superstar in his own right, he’s favourite for the Ballon d’Or and his rating in FIFA 23 should reflect this. 

It probably won’t though. Benzema was only an 89 on the last FIFA. Which was low anyway, it seems unlikely they will give him a big boost, even if it has been well deserved for some time now. 

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Overall Rating 91 (+2)

It is incredibly unlikely that Benzema will get more than a +2 even if it is deserved. Part of the reason it should be higher than a 91 is because he shouldn’t have only been a 89 in the last iteration of the game. 

FIFA has always underrated Benzema a bit, he was in Ronaldo’s shadow for a long time and Ramos was also there. Now though he is the main man, the team is carried by the experience and class of both him and Modric.

Pace 76 (-) 

Benzema is certainly not the fastest forward in the world, but like many forwards who are deep into their 30’s their strength is in how they find space. Benzema is unique however, because he links up the play better than most in the world, but again this doesn’t rely on pace. 

Shooting 88 (+2) 

Much like Benzema’s rating, his shooting could be boosted even more in FIFA 23. For a long time forwards have been measured by the goals they score and not what they contribute to the game as whole. 

It’s why he has been so under-rated for so long. Boosting it to 88 would be the most realistic option, even if it could be more, now that he’s showing he can score goals for fun. 

His finishing is already 90 as his movement, and both should get a bit of a boost. Last season he had his most productive year of his career scoring 44 goals in 46 games, in all competitions. 

Passing 84 (+3)

Much like Harry Kane and Robert Lewandowski, Benzema is a genuinely complete striker who’s link-up play is debatably the best in the world for a forward. He got 15 assists last season, cementing his place at the very top.

His vision and the way he sees the game, enables him to find passes that other players can’t. Each of his passing stats can do with a boost but especially his vision.

Dribbling 88 (+1)

There should only be a small boost on his balance in FIFA 23, as it was already one of his best stats. Once again he is over 6’0’ tall so his balance is much lower than it should be, if this is fixed on FIFA 23 then we can expect this to be higher. 

Everything else is roughly where it should be, we will probably see small boosts to things like his composure, after such a stand out season. 

Defending 40 (+1)

A singular boost to Benzema’s defending seems the most likely, with the majority of the stats in this category remaining the same. However, his heading should most likely be above 90 in FIFA 23

The header he scored against Chelsea in the Champions League last season is a good example as to why it should be improved. 

Physicality 80 (+3)

It may seem like another big boost for Benzema, but after the season he has had it seems likely FIFA will iron out a lot of the outliers in his stats. 

A lot of these outliers appear in Benzema’s physicals. His aggression is only 63, if you’ve seen him play it’s quite clear that needs a boost. His stamina is also only 78 despite playing 46 games two seasons ago. 

He matched that again last year, this consistency is too much for EA to ignore going into FIFA 23. Benzema is another player who is only getting better with age and his fitness shows that. 

Karim Benzema FIFA 23 Price

La Liga is often one of the cheaper leagues on FIFA, especially since the departure of Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Benzema’s value didn’t rise above 30,000 coins in FIFA 22 until the better SBC’s started to release. 

He should be in line for a good stats boost this season, so his price should rise a bit, but it won’t be by much. He will probably sit at around 40,000 coins in the early weeks unless he has a pace, skill moves or weak foot boost, all of which seem unlikely. 

The player Benzema has gone on to become has always been visible, and he has consistently hit over 20 goals in the league for the past four seasons. This season just gone, he went on to cement himself as one of the world’s best after long being overlooked. 

Although it’s incredibly unlikely for his rating to be above a 91 in FIFA 23, it wouldn’t be undeserved if he was. The 21/22 season was the year Benzema put a marker down as the world’s best and I’m sure he will have some special cards in FIFA 23 that highlights this if his gold doesn’t. 

What specials should we expect in FIFA 23 for Benzema?

Karim Benzema, has consistently appeared in the La Liga Team of the Season on FIFA, since FIFA 19. As long he stays fit, the chances are he will be in next years Team of the Season as well.

However, he will also a very safe bet for the Team of the Year, and if he does pick up the Ballon D’or as expected, his special card may be the best player in the game from Christmas until the summer events.

It could be a great year for Benzema specials on FIFA 23, although it is unlikely he gets another flashback like he did on FIFA 22, there is still plenty in store. He may even be in line for a 99 rated card for the first time, but we will have to wait and see.

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