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FIFA 23: Robert Lewandowski predicted ratings

Can Lewandowski take the top spot in FIFA 23

Updated: Sep 12, 2022 11:39 am
FIFA 23: Robert Lewandowski predicted ratings

Lewandowski, or Lewangoalski as he is affectionately known by former teammate Thomas Müller, is debatably the best striker in the world. Last season was no different and he continued to prove why he is held in such high regard. 

Lewandowski scored 50 goals in all competitions during the 21/22 season, beating his total from the year before. With that said it’s time to look forward to his card for FIFA 23 and if it may be changed at all. The big question is, will Lewandowski be the highest rated player on FIFA 23

Most interestingly however, Barcelona’s new star forward has now moved from the league he made his name. It shouldn’t impact his rating too much but a player’s price is heavily influenced by what league they are in.

Robert Lewandowski – FIFA 23 – Ratings Predicted 

Lewandowski 1
Image created on FUTWIZ

Overall Rating 92 (-)

Despite how good Lewandowski is, it’s difficult to see EA increasing or changing his overall rating. It may not matter though, with the decline of Ronaldo and Messi there is still a very good chance Lewandowski takes the top spot in FIFA 23

It’s going to be difficult for Lewandowski to do much more than he already has in his already glittering career. Maybe after his move he may be able to reach completely new heights, if he can help get Barcelona back to the top he may begin to be considered the very best. 

Pace 80 (+2)

Lewandowski is a lot faster than people often give him credit for. This may be because of just how good his movement is you don’t notice his speed, but it really is an underrated attribute. 

It could even be given more than a +2 but that seems unlikely given how FIFA recognises pace in players. Despite turning 34 in August, there is no slowing Lewandowski down.

Shooting 93 (+1)

What makes Lewandowski one of the best is his ability to finish all kinds of chances and this is reflected in his stats. Suggesting a major increase would be unfair as he is already so good there isn’t much room for improvement, but a few stats within could maybe do with a small boost. 

Robert Lewandowski is the best goalscorer on the planet right now and this should be reflected in his stats when compared to other players in the game.

Passing 79 (-)

There are very few forwards that are as complete as Robert Lewandowski and that is reflected in just how well rounded his card was FIFA 22. 

FIFA 23 will be much of the same, with Lewandowski’s card continuing to show he can do it all, including pass the ball. 

Dribbling 86 (-)

“He’s got good feet for a big lad” may be a cliché, but in this case it’s true. Lewandowski can be incredibly elegant to watch when he needs to be trapping the ball well and always remaining composed. 

It’s been said a few times now but it’s difficult to see where this card can be improved as it was so good already. 

Defending 44 (-)

Lewandowski doesn’t really contribute much defensively, which can be said for the majority of forwards. 

Heading is in defending though and his defending shouldn’t be boosted but his heading should. He is second only to known salmon Cristiano Ronaldo for headed goals since the 09/10 season. His heading should be at least 92. 

Physicality 83 (+1)

You only need to look at a picture of Lewandowski in training to see that he is a very strong boy. So his strength could do with a bit of a boost. 

The other thing is his stamina, he plays most minutes in a season and rarely misses a game, his stamina should be higher than 76 on FIFA 23. 

Robert Lewandowski FIFA 23 Price

According to FUTBIN, Lewandoswki was worth around 70,000 coins at the beginning of FIFA 22. He did spike when high rated players were at a premium for SBC’s, but that’s not his genuine value if you want to use him. 

He will most likely be that price again even after the move he is pushed for. Moving to Barcelona isn’t going to change his value too much as the leagues are of similar quality.

It’s been known for a while now that Lewandowski is one of the best strikers in the world. His numbers are unmatched in the last couple of seasons, he wins trophies and plays in a good team. He was always going to have a good card in FIFA. 

Unfortunately though, unless the power curve changes, pace reigns supreme in FIFA. So until that’s not the case, he will always be a niche pick for Ultimate Team players. 

Predicted specials for FIFA 23

Lewandowski is set to get a Ones to Watch when the game first releases. He is not only the biggest addition Barcelona but to the league as whole. He is also the highest rated player to be moving this summer, so he will be a big part of this promo.

This may also be the year, where we see Lewandowski get an interesting flashback card to when he was younger and a different player, but not as highly rated. These cards are normally very interesting and extremely popular with Benzema and Neymar Jr receiving them on FIFA 22.

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