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FUT Freeze FIFA 22 leaked: 12 players face possible promo this month

There seems to be a FIFA FUT 22 Freeze leak in ciculation.

Updated: Dec 7, 2021 11:59 am
FUT Freeze FIFA 22 leaked: 12 players face possible promo this month

FIFA 22 is in full swing with its holiday promos and other features. In the last month or so, we have had several FUT 22 promos, offering players the chance to get newly promoted players and see their scores get better. We have had the Halloween themed event, Rulebreakers, come along and offer players an opportunity to grab upgraded players. Meanwhile, the numbers up promo hit the other week, giving various great and middle ground players numbers boost in specific stat departments.

With the approach to Christmas nearly here, it is prime time for gamers to come along and try out wintery themed events. FIFA 22 is no different, with the game always getting something December content related. This year, however, it appears to be a freeze event. The new FUT freeze FIFA 22 leaked on Twitter, and it seems 12 players are getting a significant update.

FUT Freeze FIFA 22 Leak

What is strange is the FUT Freeze FIFA 22 leak came early. When the Rulebreakers event leaked, it was only through an accidental image. We then got the actual numbers and who were getting changes pretty much on the day of the event. On the other hand, this leak seems to be rolling out on December 10. Getting leaked almost a week early is a pretty big deal.

For context, some of the FUT winter-themed events got leaked super early, so the leak that came out was slightly inaccurate. We recommend taking this FUT Freeze FIFA 22 leak with a pinch of salt. There is a guarantee that A, the leak is accurate or B, the leak might give EA the chance to change any information they need to alter before the Freeze promo launches. 

There is quite a lengthy subject on the concept of FUT leaks and the social commentary on content and other problems leaks cause. If you’re still interested in reading up on the subject, you can check out the source of the leak. We also recommend going through the ImADuckQuackk Twitter account. It is fairly refreshing, to be honest.

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