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FFXIV All Saint’s Wake event returns for 2022

The circus has come to FFXIV.

Updated: Jan 13, 2022 4:36 pm
FFXIV All Saint’s Wake event returns for 2022

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Square Enix has announced the FFXIV All Saint’s Wake event is returning to Eorzea this January. The event features the circus, bringing its frightful festivities back to those looking for new ways to role-play and get goodies along the way.

FFXIV All Saint’s Wake release date and time

The event takes place on January 20, lasting until February 2. Players can take part in the vent and join in on the fun beginning at 08:00 GMT. However, the event comes to end midday on February 2, more specifically at 14:59 GMT. The times may differ depending on if there is any server maintenance that pops up. But, it should be local to your timezone regardless.

In order to take part in the aforementioned event start and during the time it is open, you will need to be level 15 on at least one combat job and have completed the It’s Probably Pirate’s quest from the early MSQ of ARR.

You will need to visit Adventurer’s Guild Investigator to start the event. He is located in Old Gridnaia at X; 10.4, Y:8.4. You’ll find the opposite the Amphitheatre, the location of many of FFXIV in-game events.

When you get to the quest giver, you’ll find the quest – All Clowns Wake. The Adventurer’s Guild will want you to investigate mysterious reports about suspicious and scary looking clowns. Completing the quest and taking part in the vent will award you with interesting event items, such as a circus outfit for you to glamour into, along with items like the modern cosmetics – clowning around, a furnishing pumpkin set, and a pumpkin flower vase for your house.

For more information on the FFXIV All Saint’s Wake, you can catch it all on the lodestone, including links to each and every piece of item on the lodestone’s database.

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