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FFXIV Christmas event 2021: The Starlight Celebration start time and release date

FFXIV Christmas event for 2021 is here, and here are the rewards you can get for taking part.

Updated: Dec 15, 2021 2:03 pm
FFXIV Christmas event 2021: The Starlight Celebration start time and release date

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The spirit of Christmas has arrived on earth, with game developers getting into the spirit of Christmas. Games all over the world are getting Christmas events, and the FFXIV devs are no different. Starting on December 16, the Starlight Celebration kicks off, with the FFIXV Christmas event for 2021 kicking off.

FFXIV Christmas Event 2021 – The Starlight Collection

When the FFXIV Christmas event begins, players will get the opportunity to head to Old Gridania, and speak to an NPC called Amh Garanjy. You can find her at the Mih Khetto Amphitheatre, which you can find at the X:10.2 Y 9.4 coordinates.

If you pay her a visit, you can get the quest, ‘A Very Yeti Starlight’. Other than that. We don’t actually know what to expect for this year’s FFXIV Christmas Event. Square Enix’s dev team behind FFXIV don’t like spoiling things through data mining, so what this quest entails, other than the obvious Yeti reference. To start the quest, you will need to have at least one level 15 or higher job. It is ideal for players looking to level up an extra job around that level to benefit  from the relevant level of experience

However, do know that there are two rewards you can get your hands on The FFXIV Christmas event will reward you with a new wind up toy, along with a new pet companion. You can ger the Wind-up Rudy, along with a Squirrel Emperor, which is a big grey squirrel with a red Santa hat holding a nut of some sort.

If you’re more interested in your house decorations, there’s a decoration up for grabs. The Wall-mounted Starlight Mobile appears to be a hanging light of sorts. There’s Christmas trees, snowflakes, a blue reindeer, and a pair of bells dangling from the wall mount. It’s great if you’re already finished with Endwalker and want something else to do, or new players that want some extra XP.

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FFXIV Chrimstas event start time

Are you interested in grabbing yourself the new festive themed freebies? Then you’ll be able to when the event starts. The 2021 FFXIV Christmas event start time kicks off on December 16, at 12 AM PST, ending on December 31 at 6.59 am PST.

For the rest of the world, this translates to the following.

FFXIV Christmas start time

  • 03:00 ET
  • 08:00 GMT
  • 09:00 CET
  • 18:00 AEST

FFXIV Christmas end time

  • 09:59 ET
  • 14:59 GMT
  • 15:59 CET
  • 00:59 AEST – January 1 2022.

Featured image via Square Enix.

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