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Square Enix reveal new FFXIV Oceanic servers are coming in January

The FFXIV Oceanic servers come online on January 25.

Updated: Jan 14, 2022 2:42 pm
FFXIV Oceanic servers

Square Enix, the publisher behind the hot game, Final Fantasy 14, announced on January 14 a major update to the game’s logistics. It appears the new announcement confirms the game’s starter edition sales will recommence, along with major expansion to all the current data centres. Meanwhile, the FFXIV Oceanic servers are finally happening at the end of the month.

FFXIV server expansion

The biggest news of the announcement is by far the inclusion of FFXIV Oceanic servers. The player base has not ever had one, relying on either playing on the Japanese servers for better ping or the NA server for the shared language. However, there is no need to fight over which data centre is for you, as the COeanic region now has servers providing Australian and Newe Zealand players. The only hard part is getting the Oceanic community to migrate their characters over to the Oceanic servers.  You have until January 25 to coordinate your efforts to get Oceanic communities, as that is the day the FFXIV Oceanic servers open up.

However, the players in South East Asia are still struggling for a home. They too are torn between the other existing data centres. Perhaps Oceania’s ping may not be too bad for them, but it certainly is a region that may be worth looking into. Hopefully, the new FFXIV Oceanic servers are a great new home for those players.

In other news, it appears that the NA, Japanese and European servers are getting a significant expa\nsion. It has become apparent every single server is heavily populated, especially since the game’s significant growth over the summer. Ever since then, expanding all the major regions has been a priority of the developers, because of the queues in the summer, and the even heavier queues for Endwalker’s launch.

The North American servers are scheduled for the summer of 2022, with the second phase of expansion coming in Spring 2023. The new expansions will add a new logical server infrastructure, which means they can be visited by other players in the World visit feature. It also makes it easier to migrate over to those servers Meanwhile, the Japanese server reconfiguration should conclude in July 2022.

Other FFXIV news

Lastly, it is worth mentioning the sale of the Started Editon recommences on January 25. The game was no longer purchasable for new players, largely down to the heavy server queues back in December. Since the demand for server space has somewhat gone down, new players will actually have the opportunity to get into the game with dramatically less hassle than at the start of Endwalker.

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