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The FFXIV World First Pandaemonium Asphodelus Savage race won by Thoughts Per Second

Congratulations, TPS

Updated: Jan 5, 2022 12:13 pm
The FFXIV World First Pandaemonium Asphodelus Savage race won by Thoughts Per Second

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Final Fantasy Endwalker’s patch 6.05 dropped on January 4, 2022, bringing with it the hardest raid content of the patch. Pandaemonium got its hardest content yet, offering players dedicated to the hardest content the chance to try the hardest content in Endwalker content yet released.

As a result, the best guilds went up against each other, attempting to outrace each other, and ultimately become the FFXIV World First champion. The content was cleared within 24 hours, with the title of champion going to the guild Thoughts Per Second.

Thoughts Per Second World First champs

The crown officially went to Thoughts Per Second, who cleared the Pandaemonium Asphodelus Savage content a 16:47 PT. Aether Group then followed TPS hours later, who downed the raid’s final boss at 18:33 PT, followed by Entropy at 19:24 PT. 

The story for the raid was clear from the get-go that Thoughts Per Second were significantly better than their competitions, having cleared the Dragonsong almost as soon as the raid content opened up. However, the race at the start was fairly close between NA’s TPS vs EU’s Entropy, who were minutes apart on both the first and second bosses. However, TPS pulled through when they managed to beat the third stage first, gaining an almost 2-hour headstart when it came to the final part of the raid. It would take TPS another eight hours before they would finish the raid and ultimately emerge the FFXIV Pandaemonium World First champions.

It is worth mentioning that this event created a major discussion for the FFXIV, so it sounded fairly like the RWF events in WoW. TPS was criticised for not streaming their perspective during the event, which may have played into their leads for so long. So much so that WoW’s Complexity Limits Raid leader commented on the debacle and its similarity and differences from WoW’s RWF scene.

In lighter news, there was a massive community following for this event. The FFXIV World First race for Pandaemonium had a massive charity stream, supporting extra life. The stream raised roughly $27k through the stream’s 19-hour broadcast. Congratulations on Frosty and the team for their sizeable charity stream!

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