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How To Get a Fishing Rod in Genshin Impact

We guide you through collecting Genshin Impact fishing rods.

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By far, the most popular aspect of Genshin Impact’s 2.1 patch is the introduction of fishing. You can go out of your way to collect fish as pets or use them to get new items, recipes and other goodies. If you want to get involved with the new fishing feature, you will need a fishing rod. Here is how to get fishing rods in Genshin Impact.

How to get Fishing Rods in Genshin Impact

Before you go ahead and get a fishing rod in Genshim Impact, you will first need to have your Serenitea Pot. It is important as part of the introductory quest to fishing. You will need to catch ornamental fish in the Sotrmbearer Mountains. You will not be able to complete the quest without already having it.

Serenitea Pot

The Serentea Pot is an item that has been in the game for a while. While it is not directly related to the new Genshin Impact fishing mechanic, the Serenitea Pot is useful for collecting ornamental fish aspects. The Serenitea houses ornamental fish that you can use as pets. You need the Serenitea Pot to complete the quest ‘Catch an Ornamental Fish in the Stormbearer Mountains’.

If you haven’t already got your Serenitea pot, you will need to complete the quest ‘A Teapot to Call Home: Part I.’ It is the quest that kicks off the introduction to housing. When that is settled, you can begin your quest on getting a Genshin fishing rod.

Exploding Population

Now that you have your Senrenitea Pot, you can see a quest pop up on your map called ‘Exploding Population’. The quest starts at the adventurers guild up in Mondstadt. Speak to Kathryne, and she will teach you all about the Fishing Associations that have the people of Mondstadt in a fishing frenzy.

Once the quest is accepted you will then get a fishing rod from a character called Nantuck. But before you can go ahead and use it, you will need to complete an introductory quest chain starting with ‘Fish in Cider Lake’. A fishing spot will spawn upon arriving at Cider Lake, allowing you to cast your reel and begin fishing. You’ll have to play a minigame every time you fish, trying to keep a blue bar in a moving bar at the top of your screen. If you win the mini-game, you will successfully catch the fish.

After that, you and your brand new Genshin fishing rod will complete a few more quests, including the ornamental fishing quest mentioned earlier. Once you complete the quest chain, you can freely fish around the world of Teyvat, working for Fishing Associations.

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Genshin Impact Fishing Rods

As it stands, there are several Genshin fishing rods already in the game. You will start with the Wilderness fishing rod, as that is how you start the fishing quest. However, you can collect a few more fishing rods throughout your journey. Here are all the Genshin fishing rods:

  • Wilderness Rod
  • Windtangler
  • Wishmaker
  • Nurukawa Ukai
  • Moonstinger

Each rod has a different way of unlocking them. We will explain how to get fishing rods in Genshin Impact. The Wilderness Rod is the basic fishing rod from the introductory fishing quest chain explained above. If you prefer to get a better cosmetic fishing rod, you can learn how to get these Genshin fishing rods below.

Genshin fishing rod How to get fishing rods
Moonstinger You can earn this through the Lunar Realm event taking place from September 10-20, 2021.
Nurukawa Ukai The Inazuma Fishing Association.
Wilderness Rod Obtained by starting the introductory fishing quests.
Windtangler The Mondstadt Fishing Association.
Wishmaker The Liyue Fishing Association.

Congratulations, you have earned your Genshin fishing rod, and you are now on your way to collecting various cosmetic fishing rods.

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