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Where to find Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun in Fortnite

Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun is the newest weapon in Fortnite Battle Royale, and this article will explain where you can find it.

Updated: Jul 26, 2023 1:15 pm
Where to find Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun in Fortnite

Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun is a new weapon added to Fortnite with the v25.20 update. The weapon is similar to Kymera Ray Gun, a popular weapon that was available in Chapter 2 – Season 7. It’s one of the two new weapons added with the July 26 patch.

The Fortnite x Futurama collaboration is a highlight of the latest update. Besides numerous cosmetic items, Epic Games also released several gameplay changes for a limited time. These changes include the new weapon and a new NPC it can be obtained from.

This article will explain where you can find Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun in Fortnite Chapter 4 – Season 3. Make sure to also check how to unlock the Galaxy Crossfade Fortnite skin for free and the process of getting refund tickets in Fortnite.

How to get Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun in Fortnite

Bender Bending Rodrigues is a new skin added with the v25.20 Fortnite update. The Futurama character comes in two different styles and also has a back bling and pickaxe. However, Bender is also a new NPC who sells the new weapon.

If you have 600 gold bars, you can visit the NPC at Mega City and purchase the Mythic version of Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun. Alternatively, you can simply explore the island and hope to find the new Fortnite weapon on the ground.

fortnite benders raygun
Image by WePC via Epic Games

Just like the first-ever variant of a raygun, Bender’s weapon has infinite ammo. However, the weapon can overheat if you fire it for too long, and you’ll need to wait for it to cool down before you can use it again.

Epic Games clarified that Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun will stay in the video game until the v25.30 update. While we currently don’t know when the next major update will be released, it’ll likely arrive on August 8, less than three weeks before the end of the season.

How good is Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun in Fortnite?

The new Mythic weapon can be unstoppable in the right hands. Considering that it has infinite ammo (and magazine), it can be used to take down both structures and enemies. The Fortnite weapon is the closest thing to a laser, which makes it deadly.

Here are its additional stats:

  • Damage: 13
  • Fire rate: 15
  • Magazine size: Infinite
  • Reload time: 2.12 seconds

While the new Raygun is certainly capable of wrecking havoc, you need to be smart with its overheat mechanic. If you keep shooting the weapon without a break, it will overheat and you’ll have to wait for a couple of seconds for it to cool down. However, if you use it conservatively, you’ll be able to avoid cooldowns during a gunfight and use the weapon to your advantage.

Unfortunately, Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun will be in the game for only a week or two, which is why you don’t have a lot of time to practice with it.

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