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Fortnite Winterfest 2022 skins

Fortnite has three new Christmas skins for you to try on for size.

Updated: Dec 14, 2022 2:37 pm
Fortnite Winterfest 2022 skins

Epic Games really does try just about everything to keep Fortnite fans interested. Last year, the Christmas celebration in Fortnite that took place December 16th last year and ran to January 6th. With this year’s Winterfest having begun on the 13th, and running until the 3rd of January, you already know there’s tons of gifts and rare items up for grabs this Christmas celebration. Here’s a list of all the Fortnite Winterfest 2022 skins.

There’s plenty to be gained in the way of gifts, skins and much more. Epic Games will give players a total of 17 gifts for now. You’ll be able to open these gifts by going to the Lodge after logging into the game each day. Some of the skins in this Winterfest were leaked the other day, and now we have a longer list to give you now.

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All Winterfest 2022 skins

Fortnite is no stranger to giving gifts on special occasions, so why it’s no surprise that Christmas should be any different. Known for taking characters from all over, Epic Games have comprised three Fortnite Skins to be gained this Winterfest.

The Winterfest skins are:

  • Guff Gringle Outfit
  • Sled Ready Guff Outfit
  • Arctic Adeline Outfit

You’ll have to be checking the Lodge everyday for these skins. This is because the Sled Ready Guff and Arctic Adeline are two of the free 17-day gifts. Therefore, we cannot be sure which day they will become active until we open them up!

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How to get the Gruff Gringle outfit in Fortnite Winterfest

fortnite Every Winterfest 2022 Skins

Gruff Gringle is a Fortnite skin you won’t have to wait to open, unlike the other two Winterfest outfits!

You can get this skin for free after installing V23.10 aka. the Winterfest 2022 update. After the update, open the game, click on Item Shop and scroll down to the bottom of the shop. Here you can claim this adorable little fluffy Santa skin free of charge. Ho ho ho!

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