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Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z Release Date & Details


Updated: Aug 12, 2022 9:24 am
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After months of speculation and rumors, Dragon Ball Z is finally coming to Fortnite for the first time with a Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z event. But when is the Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z Release Date?

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What do we know about the event, though? We take a look.

Fortnite Gets Wishes

Fortnite X Dragon Ball Z Release Date

Epic has announced the new content by dropping a new tease, as can be seen below, while also sharing the date 8.16.2022, which is no doubt when we will see the new content drop in the popular Battle Royale game.

We currently have no information about who is likely to appear, but considering the popularity of Dragon Ball Z, the list is likely to be extensive. The only thing that will be comparable to this in scale is Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza as well as many more. 

Fortnite background

A new background has also been added to the lobby. The potential in this event for Harvesting Tools and Gliders is also near unlimited.

We can’t wait to see more over the coming weeks with the big event coming on the 16th of August.

When Does The Dragon Ball Fortnite Event Begin?

The event begins on the 16th of August, with it being quite unclear as to the nature of the event itself. We’ll likely find out more in the next week or so if Fortnite‘s previous track record is anything to go by.

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Alternatively, you could of course find the Dragon Balls yourself and use a wish to make more information appear faster, though that feels like a waste of a wish in many ways. We, therefore, wouldn’t recommend doing it, but who are we to stop you? Just make sure nobody stops you and steals your Dragon Balls along the way, Saiyan.

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