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How to find Feathers to unlock Haven’s Masks in Fortnite

A new Fortnite update has been released today, introducing new Haven’s Masks challenges

Updated: Feb 1, 2022 1:25 pm
How to find Feathers to unlock Haven’s Masks in Fortnite

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There are a total of 30 masks that can be unlocked for the Chapter 3, Season 1 Battle Pass Skin Haven. Here, we’re going to look at all the challenges and requirements to unlock Haven’s Masks in Fortnite.

If you remember previous bonus challenges – such as Toona Fish’s Rainbow Paint or Kymera’s Alien Artifacts – you’ll already be familiar with the mechanic for unlocking Haven’s Masks, as it works in pretty much the same way. On the one hand, you need to find and collect feathers around the map – think of these as the currency to unlocking each mask. Then, each of the 30 masks also require you to complete a challenge as well. Let’s take a look in a bit more detail.

How to find feathers in Fortnite and unlock Haven's Masks

All Haven Masks, Feather costs and challenges

There are 30 unlockable masks in total, including the All-Seeing cat, which you will already have if you’ve unlocked Haven’s Outfit from Battle Pass Level 5. Of course, you will need to have purchased Haven’s base Outfit in order to unlock and equip her Mask variants.

Below is every unlockable Mask, how many Feathers are required to purchase it, and the prerequisite challenge required to enable purchase. You’ll see the challenges are mostly themed to the mask, for example the adorable Klombo masks require interactions with Klombos.

All-Seeing Cat10 FeathersBattle Pass Reward
Reanimated Cat15 FeathersCatch a Shield Fish, Spicy Fish and Jellyfish
Midnight Cat20 FeathersCatch 20 Fish
Autumn Stag10 FeathersConsume 3 Foraged Items
Skelle Stag15 FeathersGather Foraged Items at 3 different Named Locations
Primal Stag20 FeathersConsume 25 Foraged Items
Elder Wolf10 FeathersHunt 5 Chickens
Cuddle Wolf15 FeathersHunt 5 Boars
Primal Wolf20 FeathersHunt 5 Wolves
Hidden  Scales10 FeathersSlide 300 meters
Hypno Scales15 FeathersSlide continuously for 8 seconds
Glowing Scales20 FeathersDeal 100 damage to opponents while sliding
Frosty Scavenger10 FeathersSearch 10 Chests
Golden Scavenger15 FeathersSearch 3 Seven or IO Chests
Midnight Scavenger20 FeathersSearch 2 Rare Chests
How to find feathers in Fortnite and unlock Haven's Masks
Spring Owl10 FeathersLand on a tree after gliding
Primal Owl15 FeathersGlide 1,000 meters
Tropical Owl20 FeathersDamage an opponent within 10 seconds of gliding
Dream Hopper10 FeathersDrive a car, Quad Crasher, and a boat
Frosty Hopper15 Feathers10 seconds air time in any vehicle
All-seeing Hopper20 FeathersDrive 5,000 meters in a vehicle
Friendly Klombo10 FeathersRide a Klombo for 10 seconds
Hungry Klombo15 FeathersFeed a Klomberry to a Klombo
Grouchy Klombo20 FeathersDeal 50 Damage to a Klombo
Tropical Chirper10 FeathersComplete 5 Daily Quests
Frosty Chirper15 FeathersComplete 10 Daily Quests
Primal Chirper20 FeathersComplete 20 Daily Quests
Fire Hunter10 FeathersClaim 5 Haven Masks
Snow Hunter15 FeathersClaim 15 Haven Masks
Eclipse Hunter20 FeathersClaim 25 Haven Masks

How to find feathers in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 1

Much like Rainbow ink, it seems one feather can be obtained from every Chest, even if it is destroyed rather than opened manually. As such, you should be able to earn feathers pretty quickly. Mind you, in order to unlock every mask, you’ll need a total of 450 feathers. At present, it doesn’t seem there is any other way to earn feathers, and this was the case with Rainbow Ink as well, so is unlikely to change.

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