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GAIMIN Roadmap: An exciting future ahead

The future of GAIMIN: One to watch out for

Updated: Mar 13, 2023 1:16 pm
GAIMIN Roadmap: An exciting future ahead

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You might already be familiar with GAIMIN and their innovative application that allows you to use the performance overhead of your PC to earn rewards while gaming. However, what you might not know is that there are many exciting things brewing at GAIMIN.

So, we’re going to give you a rundown of everything you need to know about the future of GAIMIN, and why it’s definitely one to watch out for in 2024!

GAIMIN partners with BNB Chain to grow Web3 esports

With web3 firmly on the way, GAIMIN and BNB Chain have taken the initiative to forge a partnership that will help developers both convert existing games and make their new games, with Blockchain technology ready for web3.

Speaking about the partnership, the CEO of GAIMIN, Martin Speight says “I am delighted to be working with BNB Chain to deliver Web3 technology to the gaming community. Our technology is designed to enable games developers to convert their AAA Web2 games to Web3 and allow the incorporation of blockchain functionality and services into their games.”

BNB Chain selecting their first partner was an important choice too, with the Partner Growth Leader of BNB Chain, Walter Lee saying,“We selected GAIMIN to become our first Partner for Web3 Esports Growth Initiatives following our review of its business model and its ability to reach the global gaming community. We are particularly excited by GAIMIN’s approach to developing Web3-based technologies that allow games developers, and most importantly gamers, to benefit from this growth market.”

This means that there are very exciting times ahead for GAIMIN, with 2023 looking like the company’s biggest year to date.

What is GAIMIN?

GAIMIN is a free app (downloaded from www.gaimin.gg) that allows you to take advantage of your gaming PC’s unused horsepower to earn rewards while you’re gaming.

In order to do this, GAIMIN uses a decentralized network, made up of all their user’s PCs, and monetizes all that processing power, similar to Folding@Home. But what exactly is GAIMIN using that spare power for?

Well, unsurprisingly, given the aforementioned partnership with BNB Chain, it’s used for provision of  video rendering and the processing of blockchain computations, which then rewards you with GMRX, which is GAIMIN’s cryptocurrency. GAIMIN receives payment for the jobs in a number of different cryptocurrencies and fiat, so it’s easier to consolidate into a single payment mechanism.

GMRX will be listed soon on crypto exchanges and so will have a tangible value. Until listing, the rewards are converted into USDC, which is a stablecoin. You can withdraw USDC to your crypto wallet and use it for purchases or sell it in an exchange for fiat. 

If you’re interested in monetizing your gaming PC’s spare performance, head over to GAIMIN.GG and download the free app! You can also decide how much performance the App uses, so if you’re on aging hardware, you can ensure that your game runs smoothly while you reap the rewards!

That’s not all, though, as Martin Speight continues: “Over the next few weeks we will be making further announcements relating to our technology development, associated services and importantly, how GAIMIN’s esports team, Gaimin Gladiators, will be supporting and promoting this partnership. These are exciting times, not only for GAIMIN and BNB Chain, but also for gamers and the gaming community. We are at the start of this paradigm shift in this emerging industry and we are excited about how through this partnership we can support its growth”.

This leads us to the news that we’re most excited about, GAIMIN’s move into esports.

Gaimin Gladiators and becoming a major player in the esports world.

You might already be familiar with the GAIMIN service we mentioned earlier, but what you might not know, is that GAIMIN is active in the esports space too, with their premier team, the Gaimin Gladiators.

What’s more, Gaimin Gladiators are absolutely smashing it recently. Their DOTA 2 team qualified for the Lima majors, managing to beat the current world champions in the process! The success doesn’t stop there, though, as Gaimin Gladiator’s Rocket League team secured 2nd place in a recent tournament, again, firmly making a statement that the Gaimin Gladiators are here to stay.

Of course, Gaimin Gladiators have more than two strings to their bow, as they also have competitive teams for PUBG Mobile, Apex Legends, and an ever-increasing number of fighting games too. Given the rapid expansion and inarguable success of Gaimin Gladiators, they are certainly a formidable contender and one to watch out for over the coming year

Updates to the GAIMIN platform

Of course, most of you are here as you want to monetize your gaming experience, or maybe you already are. In any case, there have been some pretty big updates recently that you should know about. Additionally, we’ve also been given a list of future updates to look forward to.

  • New UX & UI updates, getting ready to expand their range of games.
  • Inclusion of rendering functionality to support rendering services (www.gaimin.cloud)
  • Addition of new “Collections” to the Achievements section to allow followers of Gaimin Gladiator’s esports teams to collect limited edition NFTs (DOTA 2 Lima major collectables launched soon)
  • Achievements based on “hours connected” as opposed to actual monetization allowing users with lower performance devices to earn rewards and in-game assets.
  • Addition of “Earn to Watch” functionality through streaming – watch your favourite players stream their gameplay and earn GMRX for watching
  • Streaming will soon be updated to include all players within Gaimin Gladiators.
  • Update all miners to the latest versions to maximise returns from the powering of blockchain computations
  • Monetization options reviewed every hour to determine most profitable service and switch user monetization to a more profitable option. (This is a particularly exciting feature that will help you maximize your rewards.)
  • Slack channel added to receive alerts for rendering
  • Register render workers directly and merge workers into endpoint
  • Transfer handling of render work token storage to backend
  • Modification to mining decision maker to exclude miners and walletID
  • Autoclose post login pages for Okta and Venly login
  • “See More” button on “Profile” page hidden if there are no more items to see
  • Marketplace repaginator error fixed if user moves to another page
  • Correction to incorrect operation of the currency exchange function
  • Issue resolved where platform hangs after waking from sleep state
  • Correct popup now displayed for unsuccessful transaction
  • Cosmetic changes to Home and Profile pages
  • Design change to Wallet tab to log into the wallet

As you can see, there are a lot of changes to GAIMIN recently, in fact, there are far too many to list, so head over to gaimin.medium.com for all the details, and stay tuned for more developments in the world of GAIMIN.

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