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How to Get Collei For Free in Genshin Impact

Everyone who plays Genshin Impact during the 3.0 update can obtain a free copy of Collei

Updated: Aug 24, 2022 9:10 am
How to Get Collei For Free in Genshin Impact

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With the release of Genshin Impact’s new region ‘Sumeru’, developer HoYoverse is offering everyone a chance to try out the new Dendro element for free. Players will not only get access to the Dendro Traveler but also a free copy of Collei as part of the first 3.0 event.

Collei is a Dendro 4-star unit designed for off-field damage and reaction support. 

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Collei Will Be Available From 3.0’s Flagship Event

The Sumeru update drops on 24th August 2022, and the 3.0 patch will be live for 30 days, instead of the usual 40-day patch cycle. Players will need to do the following activities to get access to Collei: 

  • Reach Adventure Rank 20 or above
  • Complete “The Trail of the God of Wisdom” in Archon Quest Chapter III: Act I “Through Mists of Smoke and Forests Dark”
  • (Optional) Complete the entire storyline in “The Trail of the God of Wisdom”

Even if you don’t complete the new Archon quest, you’ll have access to the event on 25th August, but you may miss out on story context.

Graven Innocence Event Schedule

Genshin Impact Collei

The Graven Innocence releases in four stages and it’s likely you’ll need to go through all of the content to unlock Collei at the end of the event. Here are the release dates for all four stages: 

  • Stage I: 24th August
  • Stage II: 27th August
  • Stage III: 30th August
  • Stave IV: 2nd September

The release dates and times will vary depending the server you play on. Asian servers get content updates the earliest, while European and American servers get content a few hours later.

The event will involve exploration, crafting, and wood carving. Players will need to collect all three activities to earn a free copy of Collei.

The event will last until the end of the 3.0, which means that you have a month to grab your free character. The 2nd Genshin anniversary is approaching and fans are excited to see what rewards they’ll get this time around.

You can check out our Genshin anniversary coverage if you want to know more about the upcoming event. You should also check out the official patch notes to see what’s coming in the new Sumeru update.

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