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Is Genshin Impact Crossplay? Genshin Impact Cross Platform

How to play Genshin Impact crossplay with friends

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Genshin Impact has fast become a massive gaming title and with Genshin Impact crossplay, you can play against your friends on different platforms. When in co-op mode, you simply share your UID code with your friends, whether that is cross platform between PC and mobile or Cross generation between PS4 & PS5.

Is Genshin Impact Crossplay? Can You Play Cross Platform?

Yes, Genshin Impact has supported crossplay since its launch between PC and Mobile platforms. Furthermore, you can pay cross generation too with the PS4 and PS5. This title isn’t available on Xbox currently, so we are unsure whether you are going to get crossplay between console platforms just yet. Before embarking on a crossplay co-op mission, you first need to reach Adventure rank 16, as this unlocks the multiplayer co-op. This can be easily achieved by just playing the game and completing various tasks in the world.

Once at this rank, you need to add your friends to your list by sharing your UID code, located in the bottom right corner of your screen. Invite them to your adventure team, ensure you are logged into the same server location, and you can begin exploring Teyvat.

Does Genshin Impact Feature Cross Save?

With many playing the game on PC and mobile, players are wondering if their gameplay saves across the different platforms. Well, yes it does. As Genshin Impact requires you to log in with your email address, your account and its progress are linked to that. The same can be said about your PSN account if you play between PS4 and PS5.

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