Genshin Impact 2.2 – Rifthound Locations and Material Drops

The newest update has added a brand new enemy type, but where can you find them?

genshin rift hound

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Genshin Impact version 2.2 is now live, meaning the new enemy type Rifthound has been added to the game. There are four variants of Rifthound: Thundercraven Rifthound, Thundercraven Rifthound Whelp, Rockfond Rifthound and Rockfond Rifthound Whelp. Keep reading to find out the various Rifthound locations and how to defeat these tricky canines.

Rifthound Locations in Genshin Impact

Because Rifthounds are new to Genshin 2.2, they can only be found on Tsurumi Island, primarily on the coastline. There’s a chance they’ll be added to future regions, but for now you can only find them in Inazuma. See below for their exact locations.

genshin rifthound map

How to beat Rifthounds

Rifthounds are dastardly little pooches, but with a bit of know-how they’re easily dealt with. Firstly, they can inflict the Corrosion status which periodically depletes your whole team’s HP – not even a shield will prevent Corrosion from being inflicted. Therefore, having a good healer in your party is a must. Secondly, you must take note of what Element the Rifthound you’re fighting is. If you attack a Rifthound with the same Element as itself, you will buff the Rifthound’s attacks although its resistance towards that Element will be decreased. Currently Rifthounds are only infused with Electro or Geo, so bear this in mind when setting up your party. Rifthounds also have the ability to turn invisible, so you should be wary of them sneaking up behind you. The easiest way to defeat them is to quickly attack them with any other Element, but remember to keep an eye on your HP!

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Rifthound Material Drops

Rifthounds drop Concealed Claws, Unguis and Talons. At present there are only two weapons that require these for Ascension, the 5-star Bow Polar Star and 4-star Claymore Akuoumaru. It’s highly likely that more weapons in future will require these Ascension materials too, so it’s well worth stocking up on these in preparation.